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Breaking the norm: Turning the corner on CX in healthcare

If you talk to any patient, the real stories are in their struggles to gain access, delays in receiving care and managing their healthcare bills. In fact, 52% of patients don’t know the cost of their services before care, and 61% are confused or very confused by their bill once they receive it.

Providence, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit healthcare systems, grabbed the patient financial experience by the horns to differentiate themselves at scale. Integrating efforts at the contact center, website, and financial counseling have driven financial and operational impact.

The Providence team dives into how it came to life through their strategic approach and intentional tactics, what they wish they knew when they started, and the impact on the bottom line and people’s lives from breaking the norm and bringing CX to healthcare.

Featured speakers:

  • Jeff Logan, Group Vice President Patient and Market Experience, Providence
  • Robyn Gilson, ED, Patient & Market Experience, Providence; VP, XM Acquis Cortico-X
  • Adrienne Boissy, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Qualtrics

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