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Making the customer happy: Quality management
for customer experience

For many products and services, the contact center is the first line of defense to help troubleshoot myriad issues—from logging in to performing payments, and so much more. It goes without saying that the customer needs to have a positive experience from start to finish across all interactions.

Learn how you can harness the power of quality management (QM) as an engine for a better
customer experience!

During this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to use QM to support effective coaching
  • Why QM models need to have some flexibility
  • What customers really notice about quality management and customer service

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Picture of Léonie Brown

Léonie Brown

XM Scientist

Léonie Brown is an XM Scientist at Qualtrics, specializing in customer experience, research methodologies, and modernizing the contact center. She’s worked with hundreds of brands to design, implement, and optimize their CX programs, using her vast amounts of experience to help brands turn happy customers into higher revenue and
lower churn.

Picture of Keegan Brenneman

Keegan Brenneman

Principal Product Manager, XM Discover

Keegan has been an XM Discover Product Manager for nearly five years, and with Qualtrics (formally known as Clarabridge) for almost nine. His areas of ownership include engines (predominantly intelligent scoring and automated narratives), integrated services, and
quality management.

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