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3 keys to attract and retain
top educators and staff

In the current economic environment, attracting and retaining top talent is top of mind for many schools. Deeply understanding the employee experience helps you to know what actions you can take to drive your key outcomes while also delivering better student experiences.

Carlos Bortoni, Vice President of Education Strategy at Qualtrics, Benjamin Granger, Qualtrics’ Chief Workplace Psychologist and Head of EX Advisory Services, along with Michael Harris, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at Milwaukee Public Schools, and Abigail Rohde, Organizational Development Specialist at the Medical College of Wisconsin, will dive into the best ways to better understand the hearts and minds of your teachers, faculty, and staff.

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  • Tangible real-life examples of schools taking action to improve their employee experience
  • Actionable tips for creating or improving your own employee experience programs
  • Ways to listen, understand, and act on employee feedback

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Picture of Abigail Rohde

Abigail Rohde

Organizational Development Specialist
Medical College of Wisconsin

Abigail earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse in Psychology with an emphasis on business management. With six years of human resource experience, she is passionate about helping others and seeing everyone succeed. Beginning and ending each day focusing on improving employee experience, engagement, and institutional culture for herself and others is how she hopes to make a lasting impact on the Medical College of Wisconsin colleagues, leaders, and learners.

Picture of Michael Harris

Michael Harris

Senior Director, Talent Management
Milwaukee Public Schools

Michael has over 25 years of urban and suburban K12 experience, as a teacher, building administrator, and currently, district administrator serving as the Senior Director of Talent Management for Milwaukee Public Schools. A product of public education in Milwaukee – he obtained his undergraduate degree from Lakeland College and a graduate degree from Marquette University.

Picture of Carlos Bortoni

Carlos Bortoni

Vice President, K-12 Education Strategy

Carlos Bortoni is the Principal Industry Advisor for K12 Education at Qualtrics. Prior to Qualtrics, he was part of PwC's Consumer Markets and Digital Transformation practices, where he also led a number of DEI projects for the firm. Carlos attended Harvard University on a full-ride scholarship and later received a dual MBA/Masters in Education from the University of Virginia.

Picture of Benjamin Granger, Ph.D., XMP

Benjamin Granger, Ph.D., XMP

Chief Workplace Psychologist and Head of EX Advisory Services

Dr. Benjamin Granger has spent more than a decade building, running, and optimizing employee measurement and management programs across thousands of organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. As Chief Workplace Psychologist, Ben leverages original research to offer insights into macro workplace trends, employee experiences, and the future of how we work.

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