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Make your contact center your competitive advantage

Qualtrics Frontline Care brings together omnichannel analytics and AI-powered automation to help you understand customers better than ever, respond in the right way every time, and increase customer satisfaction — all while reducing the cost to serve.


Equip agents and managers with AI-powered insights and tools

Drive continuous improvement across the frontline with real-time coaching and recommended actions, helping agents to be the best they can be.

  • Improve productivity and customer experience with real-time solutions for customer service agents, powered by Qualtrics AI
  • Deliver insights and coaching opportunities directly to both agents and managers with ease
  • Create a system of employee recognition and feedback to improve your support agents’ engagement


Focus your frontline with the insights they need to act with confidence

Streamline agent and manager effectiveness through AI interactive dashboards that reveal deeper insights effortlessly.

  • Gain immediate clarity on your customer care team’s strengths and weaknesses and seamlessly connect those actions to coaching plans
  • Qualtrics AI pinpoints exact examples illustrating where your team excels and needs help
  • Reduce time spent analyzing dashboards and listening to calls to identify coaching opportunities


Discover the four ways AI will transform agent productivity

Best in class contact centers are harnessing artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiencies, address customer questions and issues, and increase agent productivity. Learn the four ways you can do the same.


Improve customer service quality and mitigate risk with intelligent scoring across all interactions

Qualtrics’ AI-powered quality management solution scores every interaction in real time so you know how every agent is doing, and know every lever to pull to improve the experience for your customers while reducing operational costs.

  • Automatically and intelligently score 100% of customer interactions to improve coaching, reduce bias, and mitigate risk
  • Increase compliance by flagging risks, taking corrective action, and incorporating human intervention with automated quality management
  • Equip managers with insights they need to improve frontline team performance through AI-powered interactive dashboards


Create value for customers through a more personalized experience

When a call ends, agents are left to write up post-call notes, adding minutes to their handle time when they could be helping additional customers. AI-powered call summaries make that a thing of the past.

  • Decrease cost to serve via lower average call handling times, higher contact resolution rates, and less time spent on post-call activities
  • Use generative AI to summarize relevant, real-time information into key points during a customer care conversation
  • Get recommended actions and provide agents with prescriptive steps to take to solve customer issues based on the customer’s needs, emotions, and history with your business


Understand and manage your online reputation

Build consistent brand perceptions and experiences by easily and publicly closing the loop on reviews directly in your dashboard with AI-generated responses.

  • AI response suggestions help your customer care team quickly resolve issues, freeing them to build stronger relationships
  • Boost customer happiness with personalized, emotionally attuned support for thoughtful, unique interactions
  • AI streamlines feedback handling, speeding up email and chat support ticket resolution and online response times to meet the expectations of your customer base


Tap into customer conversations across channels to identify opportunities

When customers get in touch, we capture it all in one platform where it’s analyzed by our industry-leading customer analytics tools to surface critical business insights.

  • Ingest and analyze native app reviews to uncover what’s driving low score customer reviews
  • Listen to customer care calls and review chats in real time to identify friction points across customer touch points
  • Uncover trending topics in service channels to identify what your customers are looking for

Upgrade your programs simply with flexible, scalable pricing plans

More about customer care software

Customer care refers to the service provided to customers before, during, and after a purchase. Its purpose is to enhance the level of customer satisfaction, making sure their needs and issues are addressed appropriately. Good customer care involves attentive listening, understanding customer concerns, offering timely and effective solutions, providing helpful information, and ensuring a positive experience. It's a critical component of any business, as it helps build trust, fosters loyalty, maintains a positive reputation, and can lead to repeat business and referrals. Great customer care is often a key differentiator between competing companies.

The customer service experience encompasses all interactions a customer has with a company and its representatives. It involves the quality of assistance and care provided, which influences the customer's perceptions and feelings about the company. A positive customer service experience typically results in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and can lead to positive word-of-mouth. Conversely, a negative experience can lead to dissatisfaction and churn. Companies aim to provide a seamless, personalized, and efficient experience across all touchpoints to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Improving customer care involves actively listening to feedback, providing comprehensive training to support teams, and ensuring quick response times.
- Personalize interactions, employ user-friendly technology, and maintain a consistent experience across all channels.
- Regularly measure satisfaction through surveys and key performance indicators.
- Empower staff to make decisions that favor the customer, fostering a culture of excellence and empathy.
- Stay informed about industry best practices and continuously adapt to changing customer needs and expectations.
By prioritizing the customer, you can create a positive, memorable customer care experience.

Customer care software, also known as customer support or service software, is a type of application used by organizations to manage, organize, and respond to customer service requests and inquiries. It helps businesses track user requests, communicate with customers through various channels (e.g., chat, email, phone), and provides tools to resolve issues effectively. Features often include ticket management, live chat, self-service portals, feedback collection, and reporting functionalities to enhance the overall customer service experience.

Qualtrics Frontline Care is part of the XM for Customer Experience product suite and the wider Qualtrics XM platform. It is a customer experience product designed specifically to improve the customer care/service experience through smarter quality management, advanced AI and automation, and omnichannel listening and analytics.