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Legal resources for customers

At Qualtrics, we are dedicated to providing you with a safe, reliable, and transparent cloud experience. We also want to make the contracting process as straightforward as possible.

On this page, you can find a summary of how we will contract with you, find answers to common contracting questions, and locate helpful resources on Qualtrics’ products and services.


We are not the only ones who think our terms are fair to our customers. Our GTCs have been reviewed and certified as ‘Customer Favorable’ by TermScout, an independent contract rating company.


Your contract with Qualtrics will be made up of the
following documents (listed in order of precedence):

1. Order Form

The Order Form contains the details of your Qualtrics purchase, including a list of the products and services, start and end dates, quantities and pricing, as well as relevant commercial terms.

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2. Product Specific Terms, if applicable

Some Qualtrics products have additional product terms that will apply. With the modular approach to Qualtrics contracts, these are included as necessary and sit above the General Terms and Conditions.

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3. General Terms and Conditions (“GTCs”)

The GTCs are the foundation of Qualtrics legal terms, being one set of essential terms applicable to all of our products and services.

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New customer?

Here are some helpful resources about Qualtrics products and services.

Security Trust Center

The Qualtrics Trust Center is a portal where you can request access to Qualtrics’ standard security documents, our most recent independently conducted penetration test results, as well as evidence of the security certifications Qualtrics holds.

Non-disclosure Agreement

Qualtrics is committed to protecting our Customer’s confidential information. See the following link for our pre-sales non-disclosure agreement (NDA) template that reflects that commitment to confidentiality. With this document, you will be able to access our full Cloud Security and Privacy Framework and other restricted Qualtrics information, as well as share your confidential information with Qualtrics in confidence that it is contractually protected.

Evidences of Insurance

Qualtrics has in place a number of industry standard insurance policies in order to meet our contractual commitments and customer expectations.