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Qualtrics Introduces New Innovations that Empower Companies to Create the Products, Services, and Experiences Customers Want Now and Next

Last updated:  April 13, 2021

DesignXM is a new product for researchers and analysts to conduct sophisticated research at scale and accelerate decision-making based on customer insights

Experience Design studio is a set of new solutions that help business leaders design breakthrough products and services based on customer sentiment and market research to attract and retain loyal customers 

PROVO, UT and SEATTLE April 13, 2021— Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the world’s No. 1 Experience Management (XM) Platform and creator of the XM category, today introduced DesignXM and Experience Design studio, two new innovations that will equip everyone at a company—from market and UX researchers to marketing and product leaders—to design the new products, services and experiences their customers want now, and next.

“At a time when it’s easier than ever to change providers, every business leader is trying to understand what their customers want and need, and deliver those experiences better and faster than their competitors,” said Brad Anderson, President of Products and Services, Qualtrics. “The companies that thrive take an outside-in approach to designing new products and services—they’re constantly in touch with how their customers think and feel, and they act on those insights to deliver what they want now and in the future.”  

DesignXM—A Powerful New Research and Testing Platform for Experience Design

DesignXM is a powerful new research and testing platform for insights professionals, market and consumer researchers, and user experience designers. DesignXM provides these professionals with the ability to easily conduct sophisticated research, access quality market, and customer data on-demand, and make confident business decisions based on customer insights.

Experience Design—An Outside-in Approach to Designing New Products and Services 

Experience Design studio includes 16 new solutions that enable any business leader across every function—product, marketing, UX, and more—to quickly and easily design new products, services, and campaigns based directly on customer feedback and input. With expert-built research methodology, pre-configured analytics, and visualizations, these new solutions make it easy to optimize every product, package, and pricing decision based on what customers are saying they want. Some of these solutions include

  • Market Research: Identify and Prioritize Investments Based on Customer Insights
    • Market Landscape Assessment helps organizations assess their customers’ needs and preferences to identify market growth opportunities.
    • Customer and Market Segmentation pinpoints high-value customer segments so companies can tailor their brand, communications, and product strategies for specific audiences.
    • Experience Drivers Analysis prioritizes the product features or service areas that have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction.
  • Product Experience: Design Breakthrough Products Customers Will Love
    • Idea Screening helps product leaders streamline early-stage innovation by scientifically screening a set of ideas and surfacing those that have the highest potential of success with target customers.  
    • Concept Testing tests and validates an organization’s product concepts, from features to branding and messaging. 
    • Optimum Package Analysis uses expert methodologies and predictive simulations to help organizations create the ideal products and pricing bundles.
    • Product Naming Research takes a data-driven approach to designing the right product names that resonate with target customers.
  • Customer Experience: Create Loyal Customers Across Every Touchpoint
    • Loyalty Program Design leverages sophisticated research to create optimal loyalty programs that increase customer lifetime value. 
    • Customer Journey Mapping uses best practices and frameworks based on consumer research to help marketing leaders identify critical milestones in the customer journey.

Uber: Thriving During COVID by Listening and Acting on The Needs of their Customers 

Uber Eats, Uber’s delivery business, saw tremendous growth during the pandemic by designing new experiences for their customers. As the pandemic unfolded, Uber Eats leveraged Qualtrics to understand how consumers’, merchants’, and delivery people’s needs were changing. Leveraging that feedback, they quickly identified what their customers needed and quickly designed new services to meet those needs. Uber Eats scaled their restaurant delivery business, while also launching new delivery services that they discovered their customers wanted, including prescription and grocery – all within a new contactless pickup system. 

XM/OS—The Experience Management Operating System

The new Experience Design solutions and DesignXM are built on the Qualtrics XM/OS, the only operating system for experience management. XM/OS is a single, secure cloud-native platform that enables companies to bring together all of their experience data—what their customers and employees are telling them about their company and brand—analyze it, and easily take action. With XM/OS, companies can use data to design experiences that attract new customers and employees and continuously improve those experiences consistently to drive loyalty and retention.

Additional Information:

  • For more details on Qualtrics Experience Design studio and DesignXM, visit
  • Learn more about how companies are using Experience Design studio and DesignXM, register for Qualtrics’ WorkDifferent virtual event on April 13 at

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