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GOJEK Selects Qualtrics to Deliver Improved Customer and Employee Experiences

Leading mobile on-demand service and payments platform invests in creating exceptional employee experience

Using experience data, GOJEK will unlock real-time insights to identify and capitalise on market opportunities

Last updated:  July 10, 2019

SINGAPORE, 10 July 2019Qualtrics, the leader in experience management (XM), today announced GOJEK, Southeast Asia’s largest mobile on-demand service and payments platform, has selected Qualtrics EmployeeXMTM and Qualtrics ResearchCoreTM services to scale and optimise the company’s rapidly expanding operations in the region.

Since launching in 2010 as a ride-hailing service in Indonesia, GOJEK has quickly evolved into a super app of 21 services and counting. The company uses technology to improve the lives of users within its ecosystem by connecting millions of customers to millions of merchants, drivers, and service providers. The company now operates in 204 cities across Southeast Asia and has an annualised gross transaction value of more than US$9billion.

Studies predict Southeast Asia’s internet economy will exceed $240billion by 2025, meaning there is a significant opportunity for super-apps in the region. Being able to understand markets, customers, and employees is therefore crucial for GOJEK to expand their offerings and retain their competitive advantage,” said Foo Mao Gen, Head of Southeast Asia, Qualtrics.

GOJEK currently has around 5,000 employees across Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. To fuel its rapid expansion, GOJEK’s workforce is constantly expanding. This requires a highly agile, sophisticated, and integrable platform that enables leaders to capture employee feedback and drive frequent and effective engagement across all offices. Using insights into the employee experience enables GOJEK to make improvements in the moments that matter to increase employee productivity. This will allow GOJEK to boost employee satisfaction, which leads to improved retention and acquisition.

Qualtrics EmployeeXM and Qualtrics Research Core services will allow GOJEK to measure experience data (X-data™) – the opinions, beliefs, and sentiments of customers and employees. X-data provides real-time insights into how customers and employees feel at different stages of their entire lifecycle – from recruitment through to exit for employees, and from research through to post-purchase for customers. By combining X-data with operational data, such as sales and costs, GOJEK will be able to understand what is happening and why it is happening, enabling the company to make tangible changes based on facts.

Using Qualtrics EmployeeXM, GOJEK will be able to manage the end-to-end employee experience on a single platform. Leveraging dynamic and customised data collection tools accessible across devices, GOJEK will gather employee X-data at every meaningful touchpoint across the employee lifecycle – from pre-hire to exit, and from new joiners to long-standing employees. These experience insights are shared with leaders in real-time across the business, empowering them to optimise and tailor the employee experience delivered. As a result, employers will be able to design and deliver the highly personalised and seamless experiences for their employees. 

Meanwhile, Qualtrics Research Core is a powerful tool for collecting, analysing, and generating insights for X-data. Not only for employees’ experience, this platform will also equip GOJEK to better understand consumer preferences through real-time feedback and insights focused on key points of the consumer journey, such as research, order, delivery, and post-engagement feedback. Qualtrics ResearchCore is also instrumental in conducting research studies to increase the app’s daily active usage (DAU), by helping to identify the features users value and engage with most. Powered by a stronger understanding of consumer behavioural patterns and preferences, GOJEK can better target and segment audiences, allowing the company to offer the most effective solutions to everyday problems faced by its consumers. 

“All of us here at GOJEK are motivated to build something truly beneficial for Indonesia, and a believer in the role of technology in creating and scaling up positive social impact. Surely, our success and rapid growth is a testament to the world-class efforts of our GO-TROOPS. This is why it is important for us to ensure our GO-TROOPS have the best possible experiences throughout their journey with us.

And with their solid track record, we believe Qualtrics can provide us with the required capabilities to deliver such experiences, which is instrumental in helping us become an employer of choice across Southeast Asia,” said Monica Oudang, Chief Human Resources Officer, GOJEK.  

GOJEK Senior Vice President and Group Head of Research and Insights Evan Williams said, “In today’s economies, markets change fast. Using Qualtrics ResearchCore, GOJEK will be able to unlock consumer preferences hidden among a plethora of data sets, and rapidly act upon them to capitalise on market opportunities. The expert capabilities enabled by the Qualtrics research platform are essential when we launch GOJEK in new markets, and respond to emerging competitors in the region too.”

“We are proud to be part of GOJEK’s exciting and successful journey by unlocking insights helping it deliver improved services across the region, ”said Mao Gen.

About Qualtrics

Qualtrics is the technology platform that organizations use to collect, manage, and act on experience data, also called X-data™. The Qualtrics XM Platform™ is a system of action, used by teams, departments, and entire organizations to manage the four core experiences of business—customer, product, employee and brand—on one platform. Over 10,000 enterprises worldwide, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 100 and 99 of the top 100 U.S. business schools, rely on Qualtrics to consistently build products that people love, create more loyal customers, develop a phenomenal employee culture, and build iconic brands. To learn more, and for a free account, please visit

Since the launch of its Southeast Asia hub in September 2017, Qualtrics has worked with over 110 customers across various sectors in the region. This includes companies like OCBC Bank, Singtel, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, Scoot, Thai Airways International, Nestlé, Singapore Post, and educational establishments such as United World College Southeast Asia (UWCSEA) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). 

About GOJEK Group

GOJEK Group is Indonesia’s leading multi-platform technology group, providing access to a wide range of services from transportation and payments to food delivery, logistics and other on-demand services. The GOJEK app was launched in January 2015 providing motorbike delivery and ride-sharing services, and has rapidly expanded to meet the diverse needs of Indonesian consumers. Today, it is an integrated technology group that operates a number of platforms and businesses that are embedded in many aspects of the average Indonesian’s daily life. As of February 2019, the estimated value of the company is about US $10 billion. To learn more about GOJEK, visit