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Qualtrics Announces New Program that Raises the Industry Standard for XM Certification

Last updated:  July 9, 2020

New certification courses designed by XM experts will help business professionals with career advancement and provide innovative ways to take their experience management programs to the next level

SALT LAKE CITY and SEATTLE, July 9, 2020 — Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience and creator of the experience management (XM) category, today announced a new XM certification program that will help business professionals build their experience management expertise and master the Qualtrics XM Platform™. Individuals can study the online certification course content, participate in hands-on activities through XM Basecamp, and then take the final exam to officially complete the qualification.

Thousands of companies around the world, in almost every industry, have participated in the Qualtrics certification program. The new program allows participants to gain the knowledge they need to confidently create and launch XM programs. As a globally recognized certification, individuals who complete the program join an exclusive group of certified XM professionals. Being Qualtrics-certified can help employees stand out from their peers and provides an advantage in job searches or advancing their careers.

“Qualtrics certification proves your ability to build and strategically grow an XM program. As an XM professional, this credential can help you stand out from your peers. The content you study can provide the inspiration needed for your next experience breakthrough,” said Donnchadh Casey, Executive Vice President & Global Head of Customer Success, Qualtrics. “We expect this new certification process to not only help our customers advance their XM programs, but also to set a new standard for qualifications in the XM space.”

The certification program provides four new courses:

  • Qualtrics Platform Essentials: A course designed for anyone new to XM and Qualtrics to learn and prove their fundamental knowledge of experience management practices.
  • CoreXM Expert: Created for research professionals to show their ability to conduct complex research and uncover meaningful insights using the Qualtrics CoreXM platform.
  • CustomerXM Expert: Built for customer experience professionals to demonstrate their ability to develop and run a customer experience (CX) program, engage with customers at critical touchpoints, and share customer insights through customizable dashboards using the Qualtrics CustomerXM platform.
  • EmployeeXM Expert: Designed for employee experience professionals to showcase their ability to develop and run an employee experience (EX) program, communicate with employees effectively, and uncover crucial employee insights using the Qualtrics EmployeeXM platform.

In addition, the XM Institute will be launching an XM Foundations online training curriculum beginning summer 2020 and an XM Professionals Certification program beginning fall 2020, available on XM Basecamp.

“Qualtrics certification helped me master the CoreXM product and feel confident using Qualtrics. Because of this certification I felt empowered to build sophisticated surveys for my customers and design effective reports for my executive leadership team,” said Ike Backstrom, XM Engagement Lead, Paypal, Inc. “The certification has helped me excel in my role as a customer champion and discover actionable insights.”

“As the Qantas Head of Group Customer Research & Insights, the Qualtrics Certification program gave me the peace of mind to know that my team is confident using the fundamentals of Qualtrics Customer Experience Management and how to utilise the platform on a day-to-day basis,” said Patricia Limanouw, Head of Group Research and Insights, Qantas Airways Limited. “When hiring, I would look out for those who are Qualtrics Certified because I know they have the skills and ability to grow our Customer Experience program.”

To learn more about Qualtrics’ new certification program click here.

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