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Qualtrics Launches Workplace Safety and Well-Being Solutions

Last updated:  March 23, 2022

Nearly 3 in 4 U.S. employees say health and safety are a top concern when deciding where to work

Employers can address employees’ energy levels, sense of safety and trust in their co-workers to mitigate employee burnout and other health threats 

PROVO, Utah and SEATTLE (March 23, 2022) — Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the leader and creator of the experience management (XM) category, is launching two new solutions to help employers improve employees’ sense of physical safety and overall well-being at work.

New Qualtrics research shows workplace health and safety are very important to 71% of employees when deciding where to work, with COVID-19 spread remaining the top reason for concern. As well-being has become a C-suite priority, employers need to be tuned in more than ever to their employees’ experiences. Today, 32% of employees say they are not energized at work and similarly, 35% are skeptical about their career opportunities with their current employer. With over half (58%) of workers saying their job is the main source of their mental health challenges, there is room for employers to modernize how they support their employees. 

“The global pandemic has brought employee safety, health and well-being to the forefront of business priorities, and it can be challenging for leaders to know how to best support their employees,” said Jay Choi, Qualtrics chief product officer, EmployeeXM.Qualtrics’ safety and well-being solutions offer employers a science-based approach to understanding the evolving needs and expectations of their employees and making changes that meaningfully improve people’s experiences at work.”

Qualtrics’ in-house team of organizational psychologists identified the most impactful drivers of employees’ sense of workplace safety and overall well-being. Being built into Qualtrics’ EmployeeXM™, the leading product for employee experience management, employers can easily and quickly scale these solutions.

Within Qualtrics, employers can combine safety and well-being insights along with employee sentiment data uniquely expressed across social media platforms, review sites, company intranet and other digital workplace tools from XM Discover in order to help organizations implement changes that meaningfully improve engagement, retention and recruiting. 

Qualtrics’ Safe Workplace solution helps employers use experience data–how employees think and feel about work–to understand employee sentiment around certain key drivers to determine the full scope of how safe employees feel working in a physical environment, including whether:

  • The organization clearly demonstrates they prioritize safety
  • Managers and employees model safe behaviors
  • The organization protects against threats and vulnerabilities
  • There is sufficient training and engagement around safety topics
  • Employees feel empowered to report safety issues, knowing the organization will consider their feedback seriously and act accordingly

Qualtrics’ Employee Well-Being at Work solution reveals how energized employees feel, how positive they feel about themselves and what level of trusting relationships they have at work. These indicators are scientifically-proven to illustrate employees’ evolving state of well-being, and are driven by understanding the following drivers: 

  • Alignment: Job fit between the individual and role
  • Support: Organizational-level support for employee well-being
  • Resilience: Personal resources to cope with job pressures
  • Balance: Tasks can be completed within working hours

The well-being solution distributes insights and suggested actions to individual employees and managers based on responses. Employees receive personal reports, giving them an understanding of their own well-being and what to work on to feel more energized at work. Managers get access to intuitive dashboards that summarize how their team is doing and enable them to crowdsource ideas from their team to help improve team-wide well-being.

To dive into Qualtrics’ research on workplace safety and well-being, please visit the Qualtrics Blog


  • Qualtrics’ Safe Workplace and Employee Well-being at Work solutions are now available. 

Study Methodology

Qualtrics’ safety and well-being at work study was fielded between Feb. 22 and Feb. 23, 2022. Respondents were selected from a randomized panel and considered eligible if they live in the United States, are at least 18 years of age, are employed full-time or part-time and have been in a physical work setting in the past six months. The total number of respondents was 1,567. Respondents who did not pass quality standards were removed.

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