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2020 Global Workforce Resilience Report

It seems nearly everything has shifted dramatically in the past six months. We work differently than we used to – not only do our employees have a heightened concern to work safely, but managing stress and workload as well. What can you do to not only address the changing world around your workforce but make a powerful impact to move your business forward? Find out what we uncovered in this year’s study of more than 17,000 employed individuals, at all levels within an organization, within more than 20 industries, and across 26 countries to create a comprehensive view into how the pandemic has impacted the global workforce.


State of engagement


of the global workforce is engaged at work today.

79% of all respondents feel “at or beyond workload capacity”


of employees favorably rated their manager supporting them in adapting to organizational change

How leadership addresses COVID-19 matters


of employees favorably rated their company’s efforts to support balancing their work and personal lives during COVID-19

Less than half of employees who work on-site are satisfied with their company’s efforts to maintain a safe work environment. Even fewer—37%—are confident that their company’s policies will keep them safe at work.

A resilient employee intends to stay long term

74% of those surveyed showed indicators suggesting resiliency – including self-efficacy, social support, and optimism in the future of the company.

Lower resilience in your workforce means greater flight risk. The lower the resilience score, the greater the risk of an employee leaving the organization. In fact, there’s a 20-point difference in resilience in those that intend to stay with the organization over the longer term (over 4+ years) compared with those that report an intent to depart the organization in the short term (less than one year.)

0% 100%
a_Low Intent to Stay (Less Than 1 Year)
d_High Intent to Stay (4+ Years)

Download the full report to see more trends on building and maintaining a resilient workforce