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XM for Strategy & Research Definitions and Terms

All capitalized terms not defined herein have the meanings given to them in the governing terms agreed between Qualtrics and Customer. Qualtrics may modify these definitions at any time by posting a revised version on this website ( or otherwise providing notice to Customer. By continuing to use the Cloud Service after the effective date of any modifications to these product definitions, Customer agrees to be bound by the modified terms. Only the definitions and terms related to Customer’s specific purchase will apply to Customer. An Interaction (as listed in the Order Form or other agreement between Qualtrics and Customer) means any of the interaction types listed under the XM for Strategy and Research SKUs below. For example, under Strategic Brand, an Interaction is either (i) a Survey Response; or (ii) a Social Mention, each as defined therein.

XM for Strategy & Research SKUs

  1. Strategic Research
    This Cloud Service permits Customer to analyze, up to the number of Interactions purchased under its Order Form, individuals on their experiences for a market research project.
    Interaction types consumed under this SKU: Survey Responses
    Survey Response: See the definition of a Response under

  2. Strategic Brand This Cloud Service permits Customer to analyze, up to the number of Interactions purchased under its Order Form, individuals on their experiences for a brand study.
    Interaction types consumed under this SKU: Survey Responses and Social Mentions
    Survey Response: See the definition of a Response under
    Social Mention: A post, which includes any corresponding replies, in a single thread on a social media platform that mentions the Customer’s business or location being researched. A list of such social media platforms can be provided on request.
The following terms apply when the Customer accesses the ‘XM Discover’ functionality within the Strategic Brand Cloud Services. For the purposes of the below terms, the Cloud Services shall strictly mean such ‘XM Discover’ functionality within Strategic Brand.

Fair use limits
  1. The total number of Interactions that may be loaded by the Customer into the Cloud Service in any single calendar month must be no more than 1/6th of the total number of Interactions purchased by the Customer in any annual Subscription Term (“Loading Limit”).
  2. Frontline Care and Frontline Locations Cloud Services are provided on an unlimited user basis. Notwithstanding this, each customer will be entitled to a default of 10,000 concurrent users accessing the Cloud Services at any given time (“Concurrent User Limit”). If additional concurrent users are required, please contact your sales representative. Qualtrics reserves the right to enforce the Concurrent User Limit strictly for the purposes of ensuring reliable performance of, and reducing harm to, the Cloud Services.
  3. Use of the Cloud Services involves processing unstructured data using machine learning models that generate predictions based on patterns in data. Such predictions are probabilistic and should be evaluated by an Authorized User for accuracy as appropriate for your use case, including by employing human review of such output. As a result, Customer is solely responsible for all decisions made, advice given, actions taken, and failures to take action resulting from its Authorized User’s use of the Cloud Services. Such generated outputs generated using the Cloud Services are considered Customer Data.
Historical interactions*
  1. Each Customer purchasing a new Frontline Care or Frontline Locations use-case is entitled to, at the commencement of the first year of its initial Subscription Term, and upon purchasing the necessary Professional Services, import into the Cloud Service, Interactions (of the same Interaction Type that is included in that Cloud Service) that pre-exist the Customer’s purchase of the Cloud Service (“Historical Interactions”), up to the annual number of Interactions purchased in the initial year of the Order Form (“Access Limit”). The uploading of Historical Interactions will not count against the Loading Limit.
  2. If the necessary Professional Services are not purchased in the initial Order Form for the purchase of Frontline Care or Frontline Locations, the uploading of Historical Interactions will consume the Customer’s purchased Interactions and count against the Access Limit and the Loading Limit.
  3. However, once the Access Limit is reached, Qualtrics reserves the right to automatically begin deleting Historical Interactions from the Cloud Services starting with the oldest interactions first (measured by the date such record was generated, not the date that it was loaded to the Cloud Services) so that the number of Interactions stored in the Platform at any one time does not exceed the Access Limit. Interactions in excess of the Access Limit will not be stored by Qualtrics unless Customer purchases additional Interactions.
  4. The Access Limit will also apply across the Subscription Term (which may be multiple years in duration), rather than each individual annual period having its own Access Limit.
  5. Subject to Qualtrics’ written approval, Customers may upload a number of historical Online Reviews as Historical Interactions that are not subject to the Access Limit.

The total number of Interactions stored in the Cloud Service, which includes Calls, Chats and Messages, Email and/or Online Reviews, at any one time shall not exceed the Access Limit (as defined above). The processing of such Interactions in excess of the Access Limit will automatically begin to delete such Interactions from the Cloud Services starting with the oldest Interactions first (measured by the date such record was generated, not the date that it was loaded to the Cloud Services). To ensure that both old Interactions and new Interactions remain stored in the Cloud Service, Customers will need to purchase additional Interaction capacity.

Included Training
Each purchase of the Cloud Services includes unlimited seats for Authorized Users in public, virtual training sessions which includes access to standard training materials in pdf format. Registration can be accessed via the Qualtrics public website. Courses subject to availability.

Data Exports*
These features Export API and Outbound Connectors (hereby collectively referred as “Data Exports”) are intended for the purpose of allowing the Customer to export Interactions in bulk subject to Customer’s purchased Usage Metrics. Customer shall limit such exports to its total number of Interactions by no more than once per month. Data Exports is designed to allow external software systems to communicate commands to, and exchange data with, certain functionality of the Cloud Services and thereby enable the display and reporting of data processed by the Cloud Services by Customer’s own proprietary or third party software products or systems (collectively, “Third-Party Reporting Software”). Notwithstanding the purchase of the Data Exports usage rights, Qualtrics does not provide any warranty, and Customer agrees that Qualtrics shall have no liability (i) for any non-Qualtrics products or services including, without limitation, any Third-Party Reporting Software that Customer uses with the Data Exports, or (ii) to the Third-Party Reporting Software provider or any other third-party associated with the Customer’s combination of the use of the Cloud Services with any Third-Party Reporting Software. Furthermore, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that it is Customer’s (and not Qualtrics) responsibility to obtain any licenses, consents and/or other permissions from applicable third parties as necessary for Customer’s export and use of Customer Data through the Data Exports and any use of Third-Party Reporting Software with the Cloud Services.

Website Monitoring*
Annual subscription to use data monitoring and content retrieval tools to access and retrieve Third Party Content from Customer’s selected website(s) up to Customer’s purchased Interactions capacity purchased under an Order Form. Site(s) and frequency of content delivery must be chosen and outlined in an accompanying Order Form prior to Qualtrics’ configuration and except as noted below cannot be changed unless mutually agreed in writing. As between the Parties, Customer alone is responsible for (i) selection of all site(s) from which Third Party Content will be retrieved and (ii) ensuring all Third Party Content is used in accordance with any third party rights in such content. Further, Customer acknowledges that access to any Third Party Content is controlled by the owners of those sites and can be suspended or terminated at such owners’ discretion. Qualtrics reserves the right to suspend or terminate any site monitored at any time (and to substitute an equal value site, if reasonably available) in the event of suspension or termination of monitoring or retrieval activities by the owner that is not promptly resolved. While Qualtrics will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the Website Monitoring services described herein, these services shall not be deemed Subscription Service offerings for the purposes of the SLA.

For the purposes of Website Monitoring, “Third Party Content” means all data, social media content, posts, blogs, surveys, ratings, reviews, feedback or any other information collected or otherwise obtained from any website by Customer using the automated tools within the Cloud Services, including without limitation, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

*Purchase of additional Professional Services from Qualtrics may be required for the configuration of this product feature.