Experience management (XM) is a new business discipline that allows organizations to design and optimize product, customer, employee, and brand experiences.

JetBlue, JD Power’s North America’s 2016 satisfaction leader among low cost carriers, uses Qualtrics XM™ as their platform of record to collect, analyze and act on customer and employee feedback across the company.

Before adopting Qualtrics XM, JetBlue’s senior leaders knew they needed better data and more actionable insights. They needed to know how their customers expected to be treated at every touchpoint and in any circumstance — whether common situations like ticketing and check-in, or extreme ones like an ice storm. They also needed more sophisticated tools to manage the experiences their employees deliver every day. Qualtrics XM allows the entire JetBlue organization to measure, predict, prioritize, and respond to customer feedback in real-time, down to the passenger and gate level.

Choosing the XM Platform™

JetBlue chose Qualtrics because the Experience Management Platform™ offers total control over all phases of experience management, from operational research (like customer feedback on individual touchpoints/transactions) to strategic research (like product development research and brand health tracking) to employee research (surveying across the employee lifecycle, from recruiting to retirement).

Qualtrics XM suddenly gave JetBlue a competitive advantage—the ability for any employee to pinpoint and prioritize issues and take immediate action—all from within a single, secure insights hub.

Benefits of the XM Platform

What were the results? Any airline can fly a customer from point A to point B, but JetBlue was founded to bring humanity back to air travel by exceeding customer’s expectations.

Shortly after adopting Qualtrics XM, JetBlue discovered that their focus on increasing satisfaction at individual touchpoints was creating a distorted picture of their customers. It suggested they were happier than they actually were. Customers who reported high satisfaction at one touchpoint, but who were dissatisfied overall, weren’t properly identified; and their overall expectations remained unmet.

JetBlue easily addressed this issue using Qualtrics XM to understand how every employee, product, policy, and process influenced the entire constellation of touchpoints on the end-to-end experience journey.

“We focus on experience management here at JetBlue. With the information that Qualtrics gives us we’re going to be able to just take the experience to the next level.”
~ Joanna Geraghty, EVP Customer Experience, JetBlue Airways

JetBlue has become better at listening and acting on what they learn. In the process, leaders have learned a lot about themselves and their customers. Whether listening to customers or employees, on or off their planes, JetBlue has become a master at applying hindsight, insight, and foresight to deliver world-class experiences.

Armed with the Qualtrics XM Platform™, JetBlue’s customer-first culture was empowered to achieve total experience management. This became the key to JetBlue unifying their worldwide crew and working together to create the right experiences for the right passengers at the right time. This unified approach to experience management has contributed to JetBlue’s 12 consecutive J.D. Power Awards for Best Customer Satisfaction among low-cost carriers.

Don’t limit yourself to siloed satisfaction surveys. Instead start harnessing the power of experience management to create great products, loyal employees, and happy customers who promote your brand for free and accelerate profitable growth.