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A lesson in growing brand trust during the COVID-19 crisis

Keeping your existing customers engaged - let alone reaching new ones - is one of the biggest challenges facing many brands in today’s uncertain times. Traditional engagement channels are limited, or have disappeared entirely, while customer behaviors, preferences, and attitudes have changed too.

Yet despite the challenges, trust has a central role to play as economies and workplaces begin to reopen. It gives consumers confidence when choosing to engage with your brand, and employees will feel safe coming to work.

A fundamental component in building trust in today’s environment is keeping a pulse on consumer behaviors, drivers of brand preference, and how brand actions influence perception. Ultimately, it’s knowing how your consumers want to be engaged - and then delivering against their expectations.

One of Southeast Asia’s leading beverage manufacturers Green Spot is putting this theory to the test using the COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse solution from Qualtrics. And the company is reaping the rewards for its forward-thinking approach.

A new way to get feedback

Cultivating confidence among customers has been a constant focus for Green Spot since it was established over 66 years ago. This unwavering commitment has helped it become one of the region’s leading manufacturers, serving more than 50 international markets around the world - including South Africa, Southeast Asia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

But with social distancing restrictions in place, Green Spot needed to pivot away from its traditional face-to-face market research approach. With consumers spending more time online, the company found a solution for getting the insights it needed through the online Qualtrics platform.

“In today’s rapidly changing markets it is even more essential for Green Spot to understand what our customers want. Behaviors have changed overnight, and we need to make sense of this new world,” said Sitaphan Srichoo, Consumer Intelligence Manager at Green Spot.

“To unlock the insights we need Qualtrics is helping Green Spot to move beyond measurement with brand tracking that helps us take action on the issues that matter most to our customers. We’re able to engage customers on the channels they’re frequently using to uncover the insights we need to move forward,” said Sitaphan.

Fast insights enable fast action

Within a matter of days of using Qualtrics COVID-19 Brand Trust Pulse, Green Spot was able to determine how its response to the crisis, such as donations and consumer support, along with social media activity was impacting consumers’ attitudes towards the brand.

“Speed to insights is fundamental to business success right now. Behaviors and attitudes are changing so quickly we needed a platform we could quickly and easily roll out, and then start using and personalizing with minimal training or input. We were able to go live on Qualtrics after just a couple of days - whereas previously it might have taken us a couple of weeks to get these types of programs up and running.

“From our first study with Qualtrics we received 1,000 responses over just two days. This was an incredible uplift, and the easy to understand insights are helping guide our response to the current crisis,” said Sitaphan.

Giving customers confidence

Encouragingly, feedback showed customers placed a high level of trust in Green Spot. But more importantly, the findings highlighted the issues customers cared most about, which are essential in driving the overall Green Spot messaging.

“In the past our messaging focused on outside experiences - this is not relevant in the current climate. With people staying home we had to shift the communications focus to issues they care about. Affordability is a big issue too, and we have to market Green Spot in line with the new normal to be able to engage with our customers more effectively,” said Sitaphan.

The insights gained through Qualtrics allowed Green Spot to redirect its messaging to revolve around closed processing and the various techniques the company employs to protect products against contamination risks and germs. By addressing customer concerns, Green Spot is able to sustain consumers' confidence in the brand.

The importance of trust in the new normal

Cultivating brand trust should be a key focus for each brand considering its approach to the COVID-19 crisis, says Green Spot.

“Securing brand trust is essential if you want to win consumers over. It will be difficult to get the trust back once it’s lost. And this is why we are doing all that we can to communicate how we as a brand are committed towards health and product quality, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. We believe that trust encompasses employees’, consumers’, and the larger community’s perception of the brand, and this is what we are working on,” said Sitaphan.

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