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Remember when building a website was time consuming? I’ve worked around developers, designers, and scientists for a long time. And I’ve watched that process hundreds of times — a creative concept is submitted, then a talented team translates the designed lines and colors into elegant, responsive models and code. The best services on the web were built this way. And the builders are highly trained specialists — engineers, artists, scientists.

So I also remember the first time I saw a designer using Dreamweaver, software that lets creatives show developers exactly what they want on a web page. Not just pencil lines on a sketch pad but code and embedded images that can push to the web with far less development needed from the engineers.

And I shouldn’t have been surprised when, in the last few years, services like Squarespace and Wix became huge. Now many people can stand up a new site without a designer or an engineer at hand. Wix has more than quintupled in value since the beginning of 2016, and privately held Squarespace grew revenue by 50% last year.

Marc Andreessen is still right: Software keeps eating the world.

Accelerating time to value

There will always be a need for great designers to work with great engineers and scientists. I work with many of them here at Qualtrics, and they build amazing solutions. The need for creatives and web developers actually keeps growing, because they are needed, more than ever, on customized sites and big web projects.

But as tools and technology continue to advance, the number of use cases grows. Many customers need fully bespoke solutions with professional guidance on how to design and build enterprise-class programs. Others need programs engineered for the complexity and continuously changing spaces in which they operate. And many simply need flexible, easy-to-implement solutions to start research or an experience program for the first time. And that’s what we’re enabling with Qualtrics experience management solutions.

Qualtrics now offers comprehensive programs and projects to fit any customers’ needs. Our product teams have bundled the most powerful parts of the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform into even more XM Solutions. Solutions include PhD-designed, guided programs to accelerate customer, employee, product and brand experience — with pre-configured and extensible studies, industry-specific metrics, and dashboards tailored to your business. Others provide powerful automated projects for quick-turn research projects that yield near-immediate results.

And this is just the start. You will continue to see many more solutions launched in conjunction with our Qualtrics Partner Network, which includes some of the most well-known and respected brands in experience management.

Watch the XM Solutions video to learn what it’s all about

Speed to action

Qualtrics software supports some of the most sophisticated academic, market, and experience programs in the world. And that has helped us build the dozens of solutions we’re launching this week. With XM Solutions now a CMO can measure her retail stores’ NPS scores from the palm of her hand, a product marketer can run his own authoritative pricing study, and the head of people operations can launch her own employee engagement program. Regardless of the level of complexity, XM solutions deliver value faster.

In the same way Wix is democratizing web design or that Salesforce democratized CRM, Qualtrics is busy democratizing experience management. XM Solutions mean that where there is a question or a gap about customer, employee, product or brand experience, there is a fast way to get a decisive answer and timely action.


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