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The future of customer care is digital: four trends to track

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What is Digital Customer Care? Why Now?
Digital customer care, also called digital customer service, means providing customers the ability to engage with your company on channels such as chat, email, text (SMS), social media, social media messaging, messaging apps, review sites, and other methods instead of in-person or on the phone.

In the spring of 2020, traditional brick-and-mortar companies shifted their operations to an online, work-from-home model overnight in response to the pandemic. Customers were directed to digital channels for shopping, customer service, and inquiries, fundamentally changing the customer experience.

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In this eBook, learn about four trends that are defining the future
of digital customer care, including:

  • How the new normal for customer service is digital
  • Why personalized experiences are vital to better digital customer service
  • How fast businesses need to respond to outreach for optimal customer experiences
  • How obeying the ten-minute “rule” can positively impact your business and customers

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