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TDECU uses interaction analytics to inform business growth and be “anytime, anywhere”
for its members

With the goal of expanding outside of Texas and becoming one of the largest credit unions in the nation, TDECU recognized the importance of listening to the wants and needs of their members. Previous tools kept their customer data in silos, so there was no easy or effective way to understand or prioritize areas of opportunity across the organization. In order to get more granular at what changes needed to be made and the impact of those changes on the customer experience, TDECU knew they needed a best-in-class Voice of the Customer (Voc) solution.

To transform their business, increase member counts, and strengthen member satisfaction and loyalty, TDECU partnered with Clarabridge to remove the guesswork from what members want and inform a roadmap to help them use and control their own money to improve their economic and social conditions.

Member Experience is emotional and more than a score. A good experience can be determined by reflecting on decisions made and asking, ‘Did we put people first?’ Being memeber-centric is not a flavor of the month, it is a lifestyle we all achieve together, and Clarabridge is helping us get there.

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