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Why brand tracking is more business critical than ever

With the COVID-19 outbreak continuing to cause profound shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviors, many organizations are looking to reduce marketing and research costs. While some cost savings are inevitable, the evidence from past recessions is clear — cutting back or pausing your brand tracking now is risky. Brands which stayed relevant and present in recessions came out stronger and ahead of those which stopped communicating and tracking.

Historically, brand tracking has not been valued as business critical because it is slow, expensive and disconnected from business metrics. To make your brand tracking business critical and help your organization quickly adjust to the changing consumer preferences you must: connect insights back to business relevant metrics; push brand health metrics throughout the organization; be flexible and adaptive, leveraging multiple types of data and measurement strategies.

What you'll learn from this webinar:

  • Focus on what matters most to your business, especially during this time of disruption --connect brand tracking to business relevant metrics
  • Make everyone a stakeholder--democratize and share brand metrics and insights across organizations through real-time dashboards
  • Get agile--now more than ever, we need to adapt and adjust our business models, our marketing strategies and how we evaluate the power of our brand to engage, persuade and motivate

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Picture of Frank Zinni, Ph.D.

Frank Zinni, Ph.D.

Senior XM Scientist

A strategic thinker with a passion for analytics, technology and psychology that helps businesses create amazing experiences with (science-based) research and insights. Frank Zinni, Senior XM Scientist at Qualtrics, has been helping organizations close experience gaps between what they know and what they need to know to create exceptional product, service, brand and advertising experiences for more than 20 years.

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