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4 ways to check if your marketing activities are working

Qualtrics BrandXM can help you understand if marketing and branding activities are working so that you know where to focus your limited budgets and activities to come out stronger in the post-pandemic world.

This session will demonstrate how Qualtrics Brand Tracking can help you focus on the right marketing activities to make smarter, faster decisions that drive business results.

In this demo, you will preview:

  • Brand dashboarding thats connects experience data from brand studies with marketplace performance data to get a holistic picture of your brand in one platform
  • An intuitive brand funnel that provides an easy to understand view of how consumers are converting from awareness to your desired outcome
  • Awareness metrics to assess the effectiveness of marketing initiatives
  • Ad recall to know precisely which media investments are most impactful

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Picture of Spencer Jorgensen

Spencer Jorgensen

Senior Technology Consultant for BrandXM

Spencer Jorgensen is a Senior Technology Consultant on our BrandXM team based in Provo, Utah. He partners with Fortune 500 companies on their brand tracking programs.

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