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Creating More Human
Customer Experiences
with XM

Uncover the new innovations helping companies reduce their cost of acquisition, engage customers at every stage in the journey, and reduce churn through world-class support. Plus, hear from StockX CEO Scott Cutler, and Manchester City’s Chief Executive Roel De Vries about how they’re using XM to grow
their brands.

This session was shared live at X4 Summit 2023 in Salt Lake City on Mar 7-9 2023, when leaders from the world’s most iconic brands shared the experiences delivering breakthrough business results. Learn more about the event and stay up to date on 2024 information here.

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Picture of Scott Cutler

Scott Cutler

CEO // StockX

Picture of Roel De Vries

Roel De Vries

Chief Executive // City Football Group

Picture of Michel Feaster

Michel Feaster

Director of Product Marketing // Qualtrics

Picture of Allison Windon

Allison Windon

Head of CX Solution Strategy // Qualtrics

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