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Frontline Digital and Digital Experience Analytics Product Terms of Service

These Frontline Digital and Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) Product Terms of Service (“Product Terms”), together with, as applicable, the Qualtrics General Terms and Conditions located at or the master services agreement between Qualtrics, LLC (“Qualtrics”) and you (“Customer”), govern any order form, statement of work or service order between Qualtrics and Customer (“Order Form”) to the extent related to the purchase of Frontline Digital products. All capitalized terms not defined herein will have the meanings set forth at

Modifications to these terms. Qualtrics may modify these Product Terms at any time by posting a revised version on this website ( or otherwise providing notice to Customer. By continuing to use the Cloud Service after the effective date of any modifications to these Product Terms, Customer agrees to be bound by the modified terms.

    Usage Metrics
    1. Frontline Digital
      Survey Response: See the definition of a Response under
    2. Digital Experience Analytics (DXA)
      A “Session” is an individual’s interactions (user’s actions, session length, and frustration signals) within a website or app from the time the browser or app is opened and the javascript code snippet is loaded until 20 minutes after the browser or app is closed or there is 20 minutes of inactivity, or until the session length duration (60 minutes) is reached.

    Other definitions
    1. A “Creative” is the design of the feedback invitation that will display on your website or app. For example, Creatives that pop up for a website visitor in an active manner, or a feedback button always available on the side of the page.
    2. An “Intercept” is used to set the conditions that determine how you want your feedback invitation to display on your site. Each Intercept will contain specific conditions under which the Creative should appear and where the visitor should be redirected if they click the Creative.
    3. A “Website/App Insights Project” is a container that holds the website or app intercepts needed to engage with end users for feedback. For websites, this project corresponds to a single Javascript tag that needs to be deployed to the underlying website.

    Frontline Digital
    The following terms apply to the Customer’s purchase of Frontline Digital:
    1. Each full purchase of Frontline Digital entitles Customer to 50 Projects.
    2. Each Website/App Insights Project can contain up to 100 Intercepts.
    3. Customer can create unlimited survey projects or surveys within the above limits

    Digital Experience Analytics (DXA)
    The following terms apply when the Customer has purchased Digital Experience Analytics in addition to Frontline Digital:
    1. Each Session recording will be deleted from the Cloud Service 6 months from the date of that Session. Session metadata (e.g. rage clicks, sessionID, etc) will be retained for 12 months from the date of that Session.
    2. Qualtrics may, at its discretion and for the purposes of limiting material harm to the Cloud Services, limit the recording of Sessions if there are greater than 5000 active Sessions recording concurrently within a single instance of Frontline Digital.
    3. Any historical Sessions imported by Customer will consume the equivalent number of Sessions.