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Qualtrics Legal Hub

Your one-stop shop for
Qualtrics legal resources

Qualtrics wants to be easy to buy from, sell to, or partner with.

Transparency is one of our core values and we believe in empowering our stakeholders
with information that will equip you to work with us.

Whether you are a prospective customer looking to purchase a Qualtrics product or learn
more about our privacy and security practices, a supplier who Qualtrics is looking to engage,
or a partner looking to join the Qualtrics ecosystem, Qualtrics has legal resources
to help you on your journey.

Below are links to different pages for our different stakeholders.


If you are a customer looking to purchase a Qualtrics product,
you’ll find a summary of Qualtrics’ contracting approach,
including our standard contractual documents and terms,
answers to common contracting questions and helpful
resources on Qualtrics’ products and services.


Qualtrics is committed to keeping your data secure and protecting
your and your data subject’s privacy. We have implemented strict data
protection measures and follow industry best practices to give you the
comfort that your data is protected. Here you will find our standard data
processing agreements and helpful resources on Qualtrics’ policies
and processes.


If you are a partner looking to work with Qualtrics, you can find
information on the different partnership models we offer, our standard
partnership contracts, compliance and governance information.


If you are a supplier Qualtrics is looking to purchase from, you can
find our common agreements that we require our vendors to enter into
in order for us to purchase your products and/or services and other helpful
information on making Qualtrics a customer.


Here you will find descriptions of Qualtrics’ intellectual property,
including links to Copyrights, Trademarks (including brand book), and Patents sites.