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J.D. Power and Qualtrics Create Alliance to Provide Strategic Customer Experience Solutions

Last updated:  May 2, 2018

J.D. Power a global leader in consumer insights, advisory services and data and analytics, and Qualtrics, the leader in experience management, today announced an alliance to provide strategic customer experience solutions for brands in nearly every industry.

The alliance brings together J.D. Power’s expertise in syndicated benchmarks, advisory services and customer experience optimization with the Qualtrics Experience Management PlatformTM, which allows organizations to cohesively manage the four core experiences of business—customer, employee, product and brand experience—all on a single platform for the first time ever. Trusted by more than 9,000 brands around the world, the XM Platform™ is mission critical to every organization as they seek to compete in today’s experience economy.

“The J.D. Power-Qualtrics alliance provides the technology, analytics and expertise that will help brands get ahead and stay ahead,” said John Torrey, Chief Corporate Development Officer at Qualtrics. “Companies will clearly understand how to improve experiences with customers and employees to differentiate their brands and products, which is essential in today’s business environment.”

As a founding member of the Qualtrics Partner Network (QPN), J.D. Power will leverage the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform to enhance value across its experience management solutions from project implementation to ongoing project management. In addition, J.D. Power will benefit from Qualtrics’ extensive experience helping organizations of every size across every industry create world-class experience management programs.

Qualtrics and J.D. Power will offer clients Certified XM Solutions™ which include:

  • J.D. Power syndicated research and benchmark solutions, including J.D. Power’s Bain Certified Net Promoter Score® benchmarks1
  • Industry key performance drivers linked to CSAT and NPS®
  • Quick-start, industry-specific customer experience programs enabling clients to quickly launch and measure customer feedback
  • J.D. Power’s customer experience optimization and management advisory expertise

“Through this alliance, customers will be able to leverage J.D. Power’s 50 years of customer experience expertise and Qualtrics’ best-in-class technology to create unforgettable customer experiences and provide a lasting competitive advantage,” said Bernardo Rodriguez, Chief Digital Officer at J.D. Power. “As products and services become more commoditized, customer experience will drive brand differentiation. J.D. Power and Qualtrics are working together to help companies understand how to continuously improve customer interactions at every meaningful touchpoint.”

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About J.D. Power 
J.D. Power is a global leader in consumer insights, advisory services and data and analytics. These capabilities enable J.D. Power to help its clients drive customer satisfaction, growth and profitability. Established in 1968, J.D. Power is headquartered in Costa Mesa, Calif., and has offices serving North/South America, Asia Pacific and Europe. J.D. Power is a portfolio company of XIO Group, a global alternative investments and private equity firm headquartered in London, and is led by its four founders: Athene Li, Joseph Pacini, Murphy Qiao and Carsten Geyer.

About Qualtrics
Qualtrics is a single system of record for all experience data, also called X-dataTM, allowing organizations to manage the four core experiences of business—customer, product, employee and brand experiences—on one platform. Over 9,000 enterprises worldwide, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 100 and 99 of the top 100 U.S. business schools, rely on Qualtrics. To learn more, and for a free account, please visit