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New Qualtrics Social Connect Helps Companies Respond Quickly over Social Media and Chat

Last updated:  April 27, 2022


A single unified inbox for understanding, segmenting and responding to everything customers are saying across social media, messaging apps, email and text


Features like intelligent routing and AI-powered self-service automations help service teams achieve higher customer satisfaction and NPS scores, fewer repeat contacts, and more case resolutions in less time

PROVO, Utah and SEATTLE (April 27, 2022) – Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the leader and creator of the experience management (XM) category, today announced Qualtrics Social Connect, a new digital customer service and social listening solution that enables contact center, marketing and CX teams to capture, analyze and respond to the millions of customer service requests they receive through chat, email and social media. Qualtrics Social Connect helps social and digital support teams achieve higher customer satisfaction, fewer repeat contacts, and more case resolutions in less time with a single unified inbox, automated chat responses, and deep insight into the social trends and real-time customer sentiment, intent and emotions through XM Discover natural language understanding capabilities.

Consumers now engage with brands 24/7 across a broad spectrum of channels, including social media, chat, on the web and via the call center – generating huge volumes of unstructured data that contains critical insights companies don’t want to miss. 94% of consumers expect brands to answer questions and respond to negative posts on social media and they want a response quickly. Customers expect a response within one hour on social media, just one day after leaving a review, and less than a minute when messaging with a brand using its digital channels.

Listen, analyze and improve service delivery on all social and digital channels

Qualtrics Social Connect helps short-staffed customer service teams be more efficient and provide more timely responses to customers through digital channels while saving time and money by reducing costly phone calls to their contact centers. Service teams can use Qualtrics Social Connect to generate automated responses to common questions and when a personal response is required, it automatically categorizes and tags chat topics to intelligently route them to the correct support agents. Qualtrics Social Connect organizes conversations from multiple services – like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Live Chat and SMS – into a single, organized inbox, making it easy for customer service agents and social teams to manage each inquiry and respond to more customers.

Qualtrics Social Connect integrates with XM Discover to surface insights and patterns hidden within huge volumes of voice and text conversations. This allows organizations to measure the emotion, intent, and effort associated with each individual’s digital interaction, providing a 360-degree view of their feedback so service teams can take the right steps to provide customers with the appropriate level of support. The combination of Qualtrics Social Connect and XM Discover enables organizations to spot and respond to potential product issues, consumer trends, changes in brand awareness, or changing competitive influences online by analyzing direct messages, reviews and social media interactions alongside social data like mentions, keywords, engagement, reach, and comments.

Leading organizations tap Qualtrics Social Connect to handle over 140 million customer service interactions over digital channels every year

Organizations that use Qualtrics Social Connect to manage digital interactions with customers have seen higher customer satisfaction, NPS and customer loyalty scores, as well as fewer repeat contacts and more case resolutions in less time than a typical call to the contact center would take.

4ocean, a retailer of bracelets and apparel made from recycled and responsibly sourced materials, uses Qualtrics Social Connect to improve its daily response rate by 30% and reduce its average time to response from 10 hours to less than 10 minutes. 4ocean receives huge volumes of messages and mentions to its social media channels every day, particularly on Instagram where the company has more than 2.3 million followers. The 4ocean team uses Qualtrics Social Connect to automatically organize social data by public tags, private messages, and mentions in Instagram Stories, enabling their customer service and social media teams to access and respond to messages in a single, organized, consolidated platform.

GM Financial uses insights gathered from customer messages and social media inquiries, among other CX data, to identify information on their app and browser experiences that customers were consistently having trouble finding and armed their digital teams with the data necessary to make modifications to better meet their customers’ needs.

“Businesses that fail to connect and build relationships with their customers over digital and social channels risk massive losses in customer loyalty and revenue,” said Fabrice Martin, head of product for Qualtrics Customer Care. “Qualtrics Social Connect helps companies meet their customers where they are, understand their expectations and deliver digital customer experiences that build loyalty and trust, while avoiding costly escalations to their contact centers.”


Social Connect is generally available today, already helping over 300 customers deliver better customer experiences.

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Learn more about Social Connect on our website.

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