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Qualtrics Announces New Partner Solutions Accelerating XM Innovation With the Latest in Qualtrics AI

AWS, Bain, EY, Deloitte, Farlinium, Kipsu, and WorkJam supercharge Experience Management (XM) for organizations worldwide by leveraging new generative and predictive AI and natural language understanding

Last updated:  May 2, 2024

QUALTRICS X4, SALT LAKE CITY, May 2, 2024 – Qualtrics Partner Network (QPN) members are leveraging Qualtrics® AI to scale customer and employee experiences around the globe. As part of Qualtrics’ $500 million commitment to AI initiatives, companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bain, EY, Deloitte, Farlinium, Kipsu and WorkJam are using the latest innovation from the Qualtrics developer platform to innovate on new experience management solutions and services.

Qualtrics Partner Network (QPN), the largest experience management ecosystem, includes over 200 Go-To-Market Partners and joint solutions with more than 275 Technology Partners. Leveraging the latest AI capabilities, Qualtrics and these partners are creating new offerings that create scale and a competitive advantage for customers.

At X4®: The Experience Management Summit, Qualtrics is showcasing three new AI-powered suites of products, precision-engineered for experience management, trained on the largest collection of human experience data in the world.

Qualtrics partners have access to Qualtrics’ nimble and secure API-rich platform, delivering easy access to the latest Qualtrics AI, including predictive and generative capabilities, conversational understanding, language generation and summarization, and automated actioning.

“The companies that win in the AI race will need great technology, passionate people, and a world-class ecosystem of partners with unique expertise and capabilities,” said Scott Thompson, Qualtrics Chief Partner Officer. “As we continue to invest in the Qualtrics Partner Network, these partners, with their commitment to AI and XM together, are showing us the future of XM, powered by incredible innovation and co-created solutions for our mutual customers.”

Qualtrics AI powers partner solutions that deliver unrivaled customer value

Qualtrics partners are collaborating on purpose-built, AI-powered solutions that help customers of all sizes and industries create breakthrough digital, frontline, and customer service experiences and deliver business value. New transformational partner solutions announced at the X4: The Experience Management Summit include:

AWS: The Qualtrics Amazon Connect integration allows service teams to enrich call transcripts with sentiment and emotion, using Qualtrics AI’s leading natural language understanding capabilities to proactively trigger closed-loop follow-up actions based on customer feedback and sentiment. Shared customers can enrich customer profiles in Qualtrics Experience iD™ (XiD) with Amazon Connect operational data and insights from Amazon Kendra, providing a more unified and complete view of the customer experience. Together, Qualtrics and AWS are transforming legacy contact centers from cost centers into centers of experience insights that improve customer loyalty, retention, and lifetime value.

Bain: Creators of Net Promoter Score® and Net Promoter System®, Bain & Company announced an expanded go-to-market partnership with Qualtrics that integrates Bain’s proven customer experience methodologies with the power of Qualtrics AI to accelerate customer experience innovation and enable clients to more effectively measure, manage, and improve customer and employee experiences.

Together, Bain and Qualtrics will develop AI-powered solutions that provide frontline employees near real-time feedback and coaching on nearly 100% of their most significant customer interactions, accelerating learning and improving job satisfaction. They will also introduce AI solutions to identify and initiate interventions designed to deepen relationships with individual customers, as well as AI tools that will improve the productivity and effectiveness of CX teams by suggesting systemic improvements based on customer and employee experience data. The new partnership will initially address the needs of organizations in certain customer-centric industries, including financial services, retail, automotive, and airlines. It will expand into additional industries in the future.

Deloitte: The Deloitte Platform taps Qualtrics AI to capture and analyze both solicited direct feedback and unstructured feedback, from sources including service calls, chat logs and social posts, to help state and federal agencies measure and improve their customer service. “This is a unique go-to-market approach between Deloitte and Qualtrics that is demonstrating both organizations’ commitment to trustworthy and secure AI capabilities to help our clients continuously enhance their programs,” said David Glenn, Deloitte Government and Public Services Human Centered Design and Qualtrics Alliance Leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP. combines real-time audience insights and Qualtrics AI-powered summaries and actions with Deloitte’s specialized advisory services to create a powerful foundation for continuous improvement of programs, policies, and applications used by the public and public agencies.

EY: The EY Experience Driven Insights offering, powered by Qualtrics AI, will combine real-time data collection with accessible analysis to help businesses make more strategic, informed decisions. EY Experience Driven Insights will bring together Qualtrics experience data, key operational data and leading EY advisory services. This combination will synthesize feedback data to help highlight actionable insights that could help organizations improve customer journeys, reduce effort and cost-to-serve, generate higher customer NPS and CSAT and help deliver more personalized experiences for customers. This offering could also help reveal the perceptions and priorities of employees, so businesses can take the right steps to improve workplace culture and employee satisfaction and ultimately retain valuable talent.

Farlinium: Qualtrics and Farlinium are revolutionizing healthcare payor strategies as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services continues to weigh member experience heavily in its Star ratings program, putting billions in bonus payments for improved scores in the balance. Qualtrics and Farlinium’s advanced STARS Improvement solution employs Qualtrics AI and advanced natural language understanding to analyze data from member interactions across all channels including surveys, service calls, and chats to provide an early warning when a member experience is lacking, enabling payors and providers to pinpoint and address underperformance, prioritize solutions, and create closed loop processes to prevent CAHPS detractors. This enables payor organizations to understand the “why” behind CAHPS scores, proactively target issues that most significantly impact member experience along key journeys, and drive meaningful actions.

Kipsu: Qualtrics and Kipsu have come together to deliver an industry-leading customer engagement offering, combining Kipsu’s best-in-class enterprise messaging solution with Qualtrics’s leading natural language processing capabilities. This solution enables frontline teams to identify and solve customer needs with real-time service feedback loops – initially created for one of the world’s largest hospitality brands.

“We like to say ‘The new survey is no survey,”’ explains Chris Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Kipsu. “By partnering with Qualtrics, we are able to deliver a standout solution for any frontline service organization interested in better understanding their customers, delivering actionable insights, and creating memorable experiences for their guests. The ability to unlock this data for our customers enables them to elevate the guest and customer experience across the board.”

WorkJam: the world’s leading digital frontline workplace leverages Qualtrics’s conversational intelligence technology to improve the end customer and employee experience using AI. Together, WorkJam and Qualtrics help companies operate more efficiently and improve employee engagement, reducing employee attrition and elevating customer experiences. A convenience store chain with over 100,000 employees posted QR codes throughout its stores, allowing customers to easily use their phones to share feedback via the Qualtrics platform. Qualtrics AI identifies certain responses that require follow up or additional action and automatically triggers an appropriate workflow in the WorkJam app, helping frontline teams quickly improve the customer experience.

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