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Qualtrics Announces EmployeeXM for IT, an Industry-First Experience Management Solution to Serve IT Executives

Last updated:  December 3, 2019

EmployeeXM for IT empowers CIOs and IT decision makers to optimize the employee experience – alongside HR – by increasing workforce productivity, improving effectiveness and efficiency of Help Desk and related services, maintaining security compliance, and integrating voice of employees in technology decisions

Qualtrics collaborates with Microsoft to create a program for analyzing the technology experiences of Microsoft Managed Desktop and non-Microsoft Managed Desktop users

SALT LAKE CITY and SEATTLE, Dec. 3, 2019 — Qualtrics, the creator of the experience management category, today announced EmployeeXM for IT, the only experience management solution for IT leaders to drive a more engaged and productive workforce. EmployeeXM for IT empowers them to measure and improve technology experiences of employees by closing day-to-day technology gaps and understand where to strategically invest in the future.

To illustrate EmployeeXM for IT in action, Qualtrics and Microsoft recently created a program to understand the impact of technology experiences on employee engagement. The initial results demonstrated that an employee’s experience – engagement, productivity, and sentiment – are directly affected by technology they use in the workplace. To read more about the insights and results, visit this page.

Today, 90% of C-Suite executives say they pay attention to employee needs when introducing new technology, but only half of employees agree. The CIO and IT decision maker roles have significantly evolved and expanded to include responsibility over the employee experience, and they need a proven methodology for measuring and quantifying the impact of their strategic investments on employee engagement and productivity.

EmployeeXM for IT closes employee technology gaps in four areas:

    Provide IT and HR leaders with a holistic understanding of employees’ everyday technology experiences. An annual or quarterly study asks employees about their current relationship and experiences with existing technology, tools, and services their organization offers. The feedback enables IT and HR teams to identify where the gaps are and what areas to prioritize for improvement.

    Improve IT support processes, quality, and perception. The Qualtrics XM Platform™ proactively surfaces real-time insights about employees’ experiences with an organization’s IT Help Desk and services to ensure employee needs are met with effective and quality resolutions.

    Ensure new vendor implementations and project rollouts meet employee needs. Qualtrics measures employee feedback around the effectiveness of a new internal technology or project rollout. This involves gathering feedback from teams responsible for the rollout and the employees impacted to understand sentiment pre- and post-implementation and adoption.

    Use employee insights to make the right investments and drive continuous improvement. IT leaders can deploy and gather employee feedback through needs assessments to inform future RFP processes and continue improving the organization’s technology stack.

“EmployeeXM for IT positions IT decision-makers as trusted and strategic partners to HR and the C-Suite by putting employees at the center of key technology investments and opportunities,” said Jay Choi, executive vice president and general manager of EmployeeXM, Qualtrics. “Qualtrics created EmployeeXM for IT to meet, and exceed, the needs of global IT departments by putting the voice of the employee at the center. Great technology experiences allow employees to be happier and more productive at work, provide better customer experiences, and become advocates for their employer brand.”

The EmployeeXM for IT solution also integrates with several organizations within the Qualtrics Partner Network ecosystem. Qualtrics offers organizations the ability to use an API to build integrations with: Freshdesk, JIRA, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, Slack, and Zendesk.

Qualtrics and Microsoft create program to analyze connection between IT and employee experiences

Qualtrics and Microsoft recently collaborated on analyzing the technology experiences of employees within Microsoft customer companies in different countries. Qualtrics and Microsoft analyzed 477 employees across two groups: Microsoft Managed Desktop and non-Microsoft Managed Devices users. Microsoft Managed Desktop, launched in 2018, is a Microsoft offering that brings together Microsoft 365 Enterprise and cloud-based device management. Microsoft Managed Desktop enables customers to maximize their IT organization’s focus on their business while Microsoft manages their modern desktops.

“At Microsoft, we’ve transformed our culture by helping employees maximize their productivity with the tools and resources they need to do their best work,” said Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of commercial management experiences, Microsoft. “These findings on the connection between technology experiences and employee engagement demonstrate, more than ever before, the critical role IT plays in shaping workplace culture and employee sentiment.”

The goal of the program was to understand Microsoft Managed Desktop end user experiences and benchmark user satisfaction against non-Microsoft Managed Desktop users. Based on initial results, the company saw:

    Increase in employee engagement. Microsoft Managed Desktop users felt 15% more pride, advocacy, and achievement at work, on average, than non-Microsoft Managed Desktop users.

    Improvement in employee effectiveness. Microsoft Managed Desktop users were 31% more likely to agree that they have the necessary tools and technology to get their work done effectively.

    Accelerated employee impact. Microsoft Managed Desktop users were 59% more likely to agree that their PC experience lets them better serve their customers and work more productively.

    Increase in employer ratings and brand image. Microsoft Managed Desktop users were 121% more likely to feel valued by their company as a result of their PC experience.

    Increase in PC experience recommendation rates. Microsoft Managed Desktop users rated their experiences as ones they would recommend 74 points higher than non- Microsoft Managed Desktop users.

    Increase in employee work flexibility. Microsoft Managed Desktop users found their PC experience to be 80% more flexible than non-users, citing the responsiveness of their devices as a top reason for satisfaction.

To read more about the program and results, please visit here. To learn more about EmployeeXM for IT, please visit this page.

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