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Qualtrics XM Platform

The business operating system for experience management

The world’s leading companies deliver experiences that are all powered by one platform: the Qualtrics XMos- the operating system for experience management. With XMos you get the capabilities to listen everywhere, know where to focus and build a culture of action. Take advantage of a system that continuously sets the bar for more personalized, intelligent and delightful experience, all with security in mind.

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xID provides a holistic view of customers, across every channel, in real-time

Three inseparable services.
A new operating system for XM.

Identify gaps & opportunities

Know where to focus & what to do

Build a culture of action

Identify experience gaps, and
new opportunities for growth

Ultimate Listening

Listen & remember everything
customers and employees tell you
and record it into an institutional
memory, accessible to the
entire organization.

Now we can
remember every
including what
people did, what
they said, and
how we made
them feel.

10 billion customer profiles
and growing

Role-based access to rich, detailed experience data on each customer that can be automatically augmented with operational data like annual spend, tenure, or last purchase from customer data systems.

A single view of
every experience

Bring all your data together from across the organization, and automatically
update records in third party applications — all from a single system of record.

Steph Choi

  • RIDER SINCE 2020


  • A/C cold 16.3m
  • Food Stops 21.3m
  • High Frequency 26.1m
  • Age: 25-34 22.3m
  • Airport 2.4m
  • pikup: Premium 14.1m



Dynamic segmentation for extreme personalization

Forget segments based on broad demographics — XM Directory helps you build the
most accurate customer and employee segments based on real world experiences.
And when customers' needs change, your segments dynamically update too so you're
always in lock-step with the experiences people want.


41% of user who don't set their
ride preferences within 2 hours of
adding card become AT RISK


Safe, secure, and trusted by 18,000+ of the world's most iconic brands

Start your experience transformation with Experience iD

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Powerful, predictive intelligence. Built-in.

Know exactly what to do with
automated recommendations

Go from mountains of data to an unrivaled understanding of the
experience with predictive intelligence that automatically tells
you what's happening and what you need to do next.

Order 9751-HU-23 arrived
with broken items.
Reship broken items ASAP.

Shipping is a negative topic.
Multiple customers mentioned broken items.
Adjust packing process.

Sophisticated stats made simple

Run powerful correlations, regressions, pivot tables, cluster analysis and
more. All with the click of a button. Stats iQ automatically chooses the
right statistical test and data visualization — then translates the results
into plain language that anyone can understand and put into action.

Uncover sentiment and trending topics in open text feedback from every source - from negative social media posts to positive online reviews to survey feedback, and everything in between.

See what matters most

From what's driving brand preference, to the actions that will have the biggest impact on employee engagement, Driver iQ works 24/7 to proactively alert you to what matters most to your people.

Now, the platform analyzes
everything for us, from phone calls,
to video recordings, to online reviews and gives us real-time alerts when there's an issue.

Your crystal ball for
experience design

The XM Platform uses all your data to build powerful data models that predict what people will do next. See how changes to your products will impact sales, flag customers at risk of churn, and step in to resolve bad experiences for your people — all before issues turn into trends.

Get started with powerful, predictive intelligence

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Weave XM into the fabric of how
your organization operates

End-to-end XM automation

The nerve center for how you design and improve experiences, xFlow is a set of rules and workflows for everything from listening, to alerting people in the organization to what's happening, and then automatically taking action to close the loop.

Automated actions, powered by wicked smart intelligence

All the rules in xFlow are powered by XM Directory and iQ — so it knows who your stakeholders are,
what they need, and what actions to take to deliver world-class experiences. How smart is that?

With xFlow, we finally connected all the plumbing in the building. Now we never drop the ball with customer issues.

Take action, in the systems you already use

There's no need to learn a new system. Cut a ticket in Zendesk, update customer records in Salesforce, or trigger customer rewards and offers using any other technology. xFlow plugs into the systems and tools your teams already use.

Ready to switch this thing into autopilot?

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