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Topic: Jagiellonian University

Why Michał chose to be an engineer at Qualtrics Krakow

I want to do cool things. Whatever I do I want others to enjoy the results of my work and what motivates me the most is knowing that my projects are being used not shelved. The Qualtrics XM Discover s...

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Aleksander, Software Engineer and Almost Police Officer

My “why” is to change the world and the future – to improve peoples’ lives, financial status, or anything else that might be important to them. To do that, I need to learn a lot of different t...

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Lyudmyla, Software Engineer, describes Qualtrics in three words: experience, growth, creativity

For me, personal growth and success is very important – it shapes your character, allows you to explore your strengths, and be better than you were yesterday. One of the most crucial things here is ...

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Creator at heart: Arek, Software Engineer

When I was eight years old my favorite activity was constructing new labyrinths. As I grew up I also got into computer games, chess, and Rubik's cubes. Despite spending twelve years in music school, I...

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Karol talks about finding personal growth and career development on the engineering team

The first time I heard about Qualtrics in Cracow was in 2017. Two years later, on a cold winter evening, my friend told me about their experience working at Qualtrics. Nine days later, I decided that ...

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Building XM Solutions & Careers: Software Engineering in Krakow

In my career, I like to focus on solving problems with other people and help them grow and develop. That's why some time ago I chose the role of an engineering manager. When I joined Qualtrics ther...

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