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Readiness to Trust a COVID-19 Vaccine

How are Americans feeling about the COVID-19 vaccine? Qualtrics conducted a study of 1,074 adult Americans’ general sentiment around the COVID-19 vaccine, including how many are planning on getting a vaccine when it’s released and why.

In addition to discovering broad skepticism among the public about the safety and efficacy of any vaccine, the research focused on avenues health care providers, policymakers, and other leaders can take to boost confidence and uptake in a vaccine when it’s ready for the public.

Vaccine uncertainty

Many Americans unsure or not planning to get a COVID-19 vaccine


of adults unsure or won't get it


of parents unsure or won't get it for their children

Top 5 reasons not to get a COVID-19 vaccine

These are the things people say will prevent them from getting the vaccine (among those who are unsure or not planning to get the vaccination – could select multiple options)

0% 100%
I don't think it will be safe enough
Concern about side effects
It won't work well to prevent COVID-19
I may get COVID-19 from the vaccine
I'm unlikely to get very sick from COVID-19

Rules that would resonate


said they would be more motivated if vaccine required to visit hospital or another state without quarantine

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