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Healthcare Pain Index 2019

Healthcare is a daunting and often expensive part of our lives. The experience of being sick or injured is bad enough, but add to it everything from long waits to high costs, and it only adds insult to injury. Qualtrics Industry Pain Indexes look at common frustrations and issues that customers experience across various industries. Using data from a cross-section of consumers, these studies do not compare companies, but rather focus instead on industry-wide trends.

Pleasant waiting rooms are far more important than short waits


Unpleasant waiting rooms were the single most cited reason that patients would stop returning to a specific facility


People who found the waiting room unpleasant at the ER were 9x as likely to be dissatisfied with their overall experience

People who aren’t married worry more about price


People who aren't married are twice as likely as married people to find high costs to be a reason to switch primary care providers

Some patients trust the internet more than their doctor


of ER and urgent care patients said they would follow what they read on the internet even if it contradicted their doctor

Having insurance changes your decision making


People with health insurance are 61% more likely to go straight to urgent care than those without insurance


Those without insurance are 90% more likely to look up the issue on the internet before obtaining medical care

Don’t pass me around!


Urgent care patients who work with more than 2 medical personnel are twice as likely to feel dissatisfied with their experience

Americans prefer to have their medical care in person. They are:


more likely to prefer in-person care than virtual


more likely to trust in-person care than virtual

People universally believe that self-diagnosis is normal


of people believe that others self diagnose themselves based on the information they’ve gained watching TV shows


of people believe that others self diagnose themselves based on what they read on the internet

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