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Add empathy and context to your insights

Complement your quantitative research by adding empathy back into your insights — because behind every data point and experience is a person. With Qualtrics Strategy & Research, get to know the people who make your business tick — from what they really care about to what you could do better — and transform the experiences you deliver, today.

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Video feedback analysis

Hear the human stories
behind the data

Whether it’s mobile, laptop or desktop , let your audience tell you exactly how they feel — wherever and whenever they want to — with video feedback. Then, plug those insights into everything you do.

  • Automatically transcribe and analyze video responses using Text iQ — a cutting-edge, AI-powered text analytics platform that helps to uncover trends, sentiment and more
  • Filter and clip videos to create your own highlight reels using an intuitive, built-in video editor, and then share them with stakeholders to bring findings to life
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Discover how your
respondents really feel

From the words respondents use to how they convey emotion, delve deeper into the qualitative feedback you receive and glean more meaningful, actionable data for your organization.

  • Access best-in-class machine learning and natural language processing to analyze videos, tag content based on topic, and determine how people truly feel based on what they say
  • Automatically translate videos into your languages of choice, not only making them easy for everyone to use, but also ensuring you can scale feedback across the organization
  • Benefit from a seamless integration with ChatGPT, so you can surface deeper insights from every video with less time and effort required
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Qualitative research
design handbook

In qualitative research, you’re seeking to understand the feelings and perceptions behind the number — the why behind the what. But to do qualitative research well, it’s important to understand the fundamentals and how best to apply qualitative techniques at every stage of the process. This handbook outlines the basics of great qualitative research design, providing you with a clear and concise resource on everything from concept to delivery.

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Go deeper with in-depth interviews

Extract high-quality, actionable insights at scale from your video interviews. Just upload them directly to our platform and let the video editor and analysis do the rest.

  • Transcribe and analyze video responses for both topics and sentiment, whether people are excited, angry, frustrated or otherwise, to get more authentic findings
  • Leverage robust analysis that can identify and capture insights from up to 10 unique speakers per video interview, helping streamline your efforts and reduce admin
in depth interview video analysis

See how Qualtrics combines qualitative and quanitative research

More about qualitative & quantitative research

Qualitative research empowers research and insights teams to provide context-rich storytelling in their data by enabling respondents to share their perspective through the medium of recorded video and/or audio. This provides all stakeholders the opportunity to better understand the human behind the data points.

Organizations typically use mixed method research tools and qualitative research analytics software to glean deeper insights from their findings once gathered. These tools enable them to input data from a range of sources — interviews, focus groups, surveys, customer feedback, tickets and more.

The development of digital qualitative research solutions allows any team across an organization (research, consumer insights, product, HR, Operations, and more) to conduct video feedback research exclusively in the XM platform.

Starting with a new point-and-click question type, any survey can now allow respondents to easily record a video response from any video-enabled device (desktop or mobile). These responses are automatically transcribed and analyzed to display topic and sentiment analysis. To make data stories more compelling, the new video editor capabilities allows teams to create clips of the most impactful insights. Those clips can be compiled in highlight reels to land powerful research narratives within any dashboard.

This user-friendly interface makes it easier than ever for organizations to carry out qualitative data analysis on our qualitative research platform, as well as use the findings to support business goals.

Many research teams will choose to run both quantitative and qualitative research studies on the same project. While quantitative research provides quantifiable data (as the name suggests), qualitative research adds human emotion and empathy to create a richer, more contextualized insights story.

For example, combining quantitative methods like surveys with interviews and focus groups to further validate findings and provide a more representative picture.

Researchers might also consider using open-ended questions within customer feedback surveys to probe much deeper into a respondent’s answers. This increases the likelihood of the respondent sharing valuable information that they might not have otherwise.

So when it comes to analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, they have a more holistic view.

Often senior leadership in organizations appreciate hearing directly from the actual voice of customers, and non-customers, to get a better understanding of their business.