In 2017, we changed the industry when we announced the revolutionary Experience Management Platform™. Used by over 75 percent of the Fortune 100 and 99 of the top 100 U.S. business schools, the Qualtrics XM Platform has helped companies like Allianz, JetBlue, Microsoft, and Yamaha measure, prioritize, and optimize the experiences they deliver across the four core experiences of business—customer, product, employee, and brand experiences.

The experiences companies deliver are more important today than they have ever been. Customers don’t just buy a product anymore, they buy an experience. And it is the experiences companies provide that make or break a brand.

Similarly, employees don’t want a job where they are cogs in a machine. They want their work to be an experience they can talk about and share. Companies today compete on the experiences they provide, and they are turning to the XM Platform to help them measure, improve, and act.

Today on mainstage at X4, we announced significant enhancements to the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform, including important extensions to the Qualtrics iQ™ group we announced last year — a collection of advanced, intelligent features built on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics to improve the experiences organizations deliver.

Here’s what’s new:

Our new Qualtrics iQ Directory is a live, organized chronicle that captures the emotions, sentiments, beliefs, and preferences of an audience. The iQ Directory contains all experience data, collected over time, creating a system of record of all interactions and opinions each person has of an organization.

iQ Directory enables a company to take a person-centric view, helping companies gain a better understanding of an individual person’s unique journey with the company. Each new interaction builds upon past information, so this rich collection of experience data makes new interactions smarter over time, allowing a brand to customize future touch points for each group based on past preferences — improving the experience.

The iQ Directory is now recorded as transactional data, with each data point providing a record of each interaction throughout the individual’s journey. So now it’s possible to pinpoint key drivers and changes in sentiment over time. The application of machine learning helps predict how an individual might respond in a certain situation. Now the company can be predictive in its outreach rather than just reactive.

The Qualtrics iQ Directory enables companies to interact with people at the right moment, with the right message, via the best channels. Now interactions feel like an ongoing conversation rather than transactional pings along a customer or employee journey.

Predict iQ helps companies understand which customers are likely to leave and what they can do to prevent attrition before it happens. Using neural network, open-source algorithms to make its predictions, Predict iQ uses Qualtrics Actions, allowing users to set up triggers to send emails, create tickets, or ping any third-party service for immediate action. Easy-to-use and requiring only minutes to set up, Predict iQ makes deep learning accessible to anyone.

Predict iQ centralizes all churn analysis and reduction efforts in one place. And it’s deeply integrated into existing feedback collection, so there’s no need to move data around to get predictions. Predict iQ also complements Stats iQ, allowing companies to use Stats iQ to understand and fix systemic issues while leveraging Predict iQ to save individual customers.

Certified XM Solutions

Designed by the world’s leading researchers, practitioners and consultants, Certified XM Solutions are packaged projects and programs with expert content, workflow, and automation––built directly into the Qualtrics platform. These community-driven solutions provide complete industry-specific experience management programs including everything from best practices, to content, to technical implementation, to survey design, to contact frequency guidance, to data analysis, and recommended next steps.

Qualtrics Certified XM Solutions currently include experience management solutions that span employee engagement solutions, customer experience solutions, product and brand experience solutions for many industries including financial services, education, government, retail, B2B, and more.

Qualtrics Certified XM Solutions are designed to reduce the time, risk, and cost of implementing an experience management program from the ground up. Ideal for customers who want a pre-packaged solution to get up and running quickly when they have little capacity, low in-house expertise, or when time is of the essence, Qualtrics Certified XM Solutions are easy to implement and are built for change and growth.

Because Certified XM Solutions are powered by the XM Platform, it’s easy to scale programs as organizations grow and needs evolve. The solutions are designed for use by any organization, from the smallest start-up to the largest global enterprise.

Continued Growth for the XM Platform

Qualtrics recently launched a global Qualtrics Partner Network to support the fast-growing XM ecosystem, including founding partners J.D. Power, Kantar TNS, and Walker Information. Qualtrics opened new international offices in France, Japan, Poland and Singapore in recent months, and the company has grown to over 1,600 employees, all to support expanding demand for the XM Platform.

These latest enhancements to the Qualtrics Experience Management Platform are available now as part of the CX, EX and RC solutions. These enhancements are a direct result of feedback from Qualtrics customers and prospects. I’m proud of the work that Qualtrics employees and partners have done to deliver these product innovations.

Give it a spin: click here to request an XM demo today. Let us know what you think and give us your feedback. We’ll never stop listening to you. Or innovating for you.