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Customer Journey Optimizer
Product Terms of Service

These Customer Journey Optimizer Terms of Service (“Product Terms”), together with, as applicable, the Qualtrics General Terms and Conditions located at or the master services agreement between Qualtrics, LLC (“Qualtrics”) and you (“Customer”), govern any order form, statement of work or service order between Qualtrics and Customer (“Order Form”) to the extent related to the purchase of Customer Journey Optimizer products. All capitalized terms not defined herein will have the meanings set forth at Modifications to these terms. Qualtrics may modify these product terms at any time by posting a revised version on this website (“) or otherwise providing notice to Customer. By continuing to use the Cloud Service after the effective date of any modifications to these product terms, Customer agrees to be bound by the modified terms.

  1. Definitions
    Usage Metrics
    1. An “Inbound Signal” is a single record of data representing a Traveler-initiated interaction, (i) with a Journey, and/or (ii) triggering a Journey. For example, a data record of a Traveler clicking an “Open an Account” web link on Customer’s website.
    2. An “Outbound Action” is a Customer-initiated interaction (i.e. an SMS or an email) with an audience of Traveler through a third party engagement system for the purpose of delivering content or otherwise engaging with those Travelers. For example, sending an email to a customer to encourage them to sign up for banking eStatements. Each Outbound Action could also have an associated response from a Traveler but that response, in and of itself, is not counted as either an Inbound Signal or Outbound Action.

    Other definitions
    1. Journey” means a configured representation of the specified set of Milestones a Traveler is expected to encounter as they progress toward a specific outcome. For example, a journey towards onboarding a Traveler as a new customer via opening an account with Customer’s organization.
    2. Milestone” means a specified touchpoint or action that a Traveler makes or satisfies on a Journey. A Milestone may or may not include a Rule. For example, an “Account Opened” Milestone in a Bank Account Onboarding Journey.
    3. Profile” means the data associated with an identified individual, with a Customer specific identifier for that individual, and a collection of attributes that describe them (demographics, psychographics, etc).
    4. Rule means a logic statement configured by Customer that includes both (i) an evaluation (“IF”) statement, and (ii) a resulting trigger (“THEN”). Rules can be used for the purposes of configuring internal Journey logic and for sending an Outbound Action to a Traveler.
    5. Source of Data Ingestion” means a connection made between the Cloud Service and a Customer’s nominated external source of data for the purposes of processing Profiles, Subjects, and Inbound Signals. For example, the Customer’s Salesforce account.
    6. Subject” means data associated with the identified purpose of the Journey (for example, Account, Flight Booking, Product, etc.) that will provide additional context to the Profile for use in Journey processing.
    7. System of Engagement” means a third party system connected to the Cloud Service for the purposes of distributing Orchestration Activations. For example, a Customer’s email distribution system for the purposes of adding a Traveler onto an email campaign.
    8. Traveler” means the combination of a Profile and a Subject.

    1. The purchased Usage Metrics (either Inbound Signals or Outbound Actions) must be used within the relevant annual Subscription Term. Customer may purchase additional Inbound Signals or Outbound Actions if they reach their limits within a Subscription Term.
    2. Each purchase of the Cloud Service will include the ability to configure up to six (6) Journeys. Each Journey will require associated implementation at an additional cost.
    3. Each Journey will include the ability to configure up to twenty (20) distinct Milestones.
    4. Each Milestone will include the ability to configure up to fifteen (15) distinct Rules.
    5. Each purchase of the Cloud Service includes up to ten (10) Sources of Data Ingestion.*
    6. Each purchase of the Cloud Service includes up to ten (10) Systems of Engagement.*

  3. *Each Source of Data Ingestion and System of Engagement may require implementation that may incur additional costs.