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Qualtrics Ad Optimize is designed to help you get more out of your ad dollars while they’re still in flight. Understand what impact your digital ad campaign has on brand-centric metrics like purchase intent, awareness, favorability, message recall, consumer reaction, and much more.

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Measuring the success of an ad campaign can be difficult

Even though quantitative metrics like click-through-rates, cost per click, conversion rates, and others are the back bone of any campaign analysis, it can leave you with an incomplete view of your success.

Unlike other tools used to measure the qualitative views of your target audience with an ad campaign, Qualtrics has the flexibility to let you ask any number of questions, in various ad-space sizes, with numerous options for real time reporting, all within a few clicks. This is all done in the same Qualtrics research environment that you know and love.

How it works

Within Qualtrics, you will have the option to append surveys to your ad creatives. Once you have gone through the details of selecting the ad space size, time delay for the survey to appear in the ad space and other customization options, a script will be generated. This script will be inserted manually into your ad server and you will be able to track responses in real time through Qualtrics reporting. We can target individuals who have seen your ad (exposed) versus those who have not (control group) to help you understand the true impact and brand lift experienced through your ad campaign.

How data is used and how to opt out

The ability to determine whether someone has been exposed to an ad or a survey requires that we place a cookie on a user’s browser and also do what is commonly referred to as “pixel tracking.” Once you gather responses from those exposed or control groups, you can analyze all of your results in real time through our reporting suite, as typical with any project run in Qualtrics. No need to export for robust analysis and reports to share your findings. Aside from being able to analyze the survey responses themselves, you can enable Qualtrics to capture the following information about the end user taking the survey:

  • BrowserThe browser the respondent is using (e.g., Chrome or Internet Explorer).
  • VersionThe version of the browser the respondent is using.
  • Operating SystemThe operating system the respondent is using (e.g., Windows or Macintosh).
  • Screen ResolutionThe size of the respondent’s computer screen (in pixels).
  • Flash VersionThe version of flash (if installed) the respondent is using.
  • JavaScript Support“1” if the respondent had JavaScript enabled on their browser, and “0” if they didn’t.
  • User AgentThe entire string of text supplied by the respondent’s computer used to retrieve the details above.

As noted in our privacy policy:

“All customer data collected using the software are stored in a single secure data center; data do not ‘float’ around in the cloud.”

Customers (end-users with valid Qualtrics accounts) own and control all information they input into the Qualtrics software (“Data”), and any information generated from that Data.

Qualtrics treats all Data as highly confidential and does not classify or represent the Data because only the Customer itself knows what data it’s collecting. In other words, Qualtrics provides the services, and Customers use the services as they wish. All Data are safeguarded using industry best security practices that prevent unlawful disclosure.

If you are asked to participate in one of these ad optimize surveys and wish to be removed, learn how to clear your browser cookies: