20|20, Powered by Compellon

Compellon 20|20, Powered by Compellon, empowers customer experience and insights professionals to harness predictive signals in their data to guide actions that will measurably improve customer acquisition, loyalty, and lifetime value.

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Learn what 20|20 can do

From identifying which satisfaction improvement projects deliver the best return, to prioritizing and personalizing offers for those most at risk or likely to buy, Compellon’s unique artificial intelligence technology delivers answers quickly, in time to act. By using 20|20, teams can now focus more time and resources toward driving insights into solutions, and less on reporting what happened.

Close the Loop from Data to Insights to Action

Uncover What Really Drives Customers

Rapidly identify the drivers of loyalty indicators, such as “likelihood to recommend” and “overall satisfaction.” Include survey responses and other relevant data and break free from assumptions around scale, linearity, and variable independence.

Variable Funnel

Rapidly Analyze Any Segment

Explore customers at a depth and speed never before possible. Instantly drill into any category (e.g., channel, demographic, product, geography, etc.) to find what uniquely drives each.

Super Variable

Target and Personalize Offers

Personalize engagements and offers by predicting individual customer behaviors, such as propensity to buy or to switch. Prioritize by the confidence of each outcome, and tailor offers to individual motivations using rank-ordered reasons for each.

Uncover Best Actions to Achieve Outcomes

Prescriptive advice highlights the key focus areas and actions to take in order to hit your goals. Receive multiple recommendations and compare the effort across a range of improvement scenarios.

Understand the Financial Impact of Actions

Calculate the value of acting on specific feedback items and explore which actions provide the best return on investment to achieve the desired outcomes.

Financial Impact

Easily Extract Qualitative Attitudes and Concerns

Understand what is on the minds of customers by analyzing their open-ended responses without additional data preparation, analytics complexity, or need to maintain taxonomies as with sentiment analysis methods.

Improve Survey Effectiveness

Quickly uncover which questions have predictive value in order to streamline surveys to improve response rates, or to re-target questions to explore new concerns. Speed up projects to make data collection more adaptive to changing customer demands.