Conjoint Analysis in Qualtrics

The Qualtrics application for conjoint analysis and maxdiff helps researchers run their advanced analytical projects within the Qualtrics platform.  Now conjoint analysis can be run efficiently and seamlessly in Qualtrics through an easy to use point-and-click interface.

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Qualtrics’ users can now benefit from a self-service conjoint analysis platform








  • Leverage conjoint analysis in addition to the rich research capabilities Qualtrics already has
  • No longer pay consultants to run something you can yourself
  • Application gets added to your Qualtrics account
  • Price: $10,000

Functionality included:

  • 1

    Define your features and levels to be tested

  • 2

    Generate your experimental design

  • 3

    Produce Conjoint Analysis exercise within Qualtrics account

  • 4

    Run Hierarchical Bayesian estimation to analyze results

  • 5

    Report of conjoint/maxdiff metrics

  • 6

    Simulate different comparisons

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