Giftbit Rewards

Giftbit works across various research requirements to make sending digital gift cards simple and accountable for the organizer. We provide reporting on the status of every digital gift card sent. And you only pay for gift cards people use.

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Boost your response rates and get greater engagement by sending digital gift cards.

Giftbit is a cost-effective way to offer digital gift cards as incentives to participants in any size study. Unlike other solutions where survey organizers have to purchase gift cards upfront and have no visibility into whether the cards are ever claimed, Giftbit provides reporting on the status of every gift card. Gift cards that go unclaimed result in savings for the organizer.

Giftbit only takes minutes to set up. There is no physical or virtual card inventory to manage. Incentives are flexible: participants can be sent a single gift card option or a choice between multiple brands.

Giftbit is simple to use

Send gift

Choose from our wide selections of retailers

With access to over 130 brands, you can choose one or more gift card options for your respondents to select.

Select recipients

Easily send to many respondents

Upload and tag contacts and send to select groups of contacts.

Compose custom message

Attach a custom message

You can customize the email image and message.

Email respondents

Your gift card email is then sent to your respondents

The cost of the order is debited from your account credit.

Branded email

Participants get your branded email and gift card options

Track order details

You track and manage order details

Easily cancel or resend gift cards. You can also confirm if emails were delivered, opened, and see which gift card the participant selected.

Benefits of Giftbit

Cost efficiency

Cost Efficiency

You don’t hold any gift card inventory. You also get credit back for the gift cards people don’t use.

Control of delivery

Control of Delivery

You control delivery of the gift card via email or text. You can also bulk send gift cards to any number of people.

Tracking and data management

Tracking, Data, and Management

Accountability and insights on delivery, usage, and participant behaviour.

Custom branding

Customize branding

You control the branding and messaging associated with the gift card.