Rybbon Survey Rewards

By using Rybbon with Qualtrics you can automatically send global e-gift cards and Visa when someone completes a Qualtrics survey. Tracking is built in and yes, you get 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards.

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Sending incentives for surveys just got easy

Managing survey incentives can be laborious and cumbersome. Let Rybbon do it for you so that you can focus on the research.

Pick the perfect survey incentive – US or Global

Pick the perfect reward from a large selection of top US and international brands. Or, set up a curated list of rewards and let your recipients choose their preferred reward.

Reward instantly upon Qualtrics survey completion

Your reward is presented when a respondent completes the survey. Rybbon verifies the respondent’s email address, emails the reward and tracks every reward delivery.

Deliver survey rewards from your email with your branding

Survey rewards arrive from your email, wrapped in a beautiful, mobile-friendly format. Customize the reward experience easily with your own logo, messaging and images.

Get 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards!

It happens more often than you think – 5% to 20% of customer gifts go unclaimed. When that happens, Rybbon automatically gives you a 100% refund. You will never waste your limited budget on unclaimed gifts.

Manage multiple survey incentives programs

Rybbon provides an easy-to-use central portal for managing incentives for all your surveys and programs. Detailed tracking and insightful reports give you a clear view of surveys, recipients and rewards.

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Key Benefits & Features

  • Get started and integrate Rybbon with Qualtrics in minutes
  • Pick the perfect reward or let recipients choose
  • Save time with automatic delivery and tracking
  • Save money with 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards