Intelligent Text Analysis

Qualtrics Intelligent Text Analysis makes it easier than ever to uncover insights from written feedback, freeing up more of your time to do what really matters – acting on customer feedback.

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Find the “why” with Qualtrics Intelligent Text Analysis

The deepest insights are often the toughest to get

Text responses contain valuable insights and the “why” behind your quantitative data. But extracting those insights can be painful and virtually impossible to do at scale.

Unlike other text analysis tools, Qualtrics combines simplicity and sophisticated analysis. Qualtrics Intelligent Text Analysis gives you intelligent topic discovery while being easy to use and keeping you in control of your data.

Find what matters most to your customers—in their own words

Qualtrics Intelligent Text Analysis automatically sorts written feedback, accurately groups related terms, and gives you an up-to-date view of key topics every time you log in. Since your reports and dashboards update on demand, you’ll be able to easily monitor the prevalence of key topics over time—and catch emerging topics before they evolve into widespread issues.

Are certain topics gaining or losing popularity? Are you making progress toward addressing problem issues? Find the answers every time you log in to Qualtrics.

By distilling the insights contained in your richest feedback, Qualtrics Intelligent Text Analysis helps your organization concentrate on the things that matter most to your customers—in their own words.

Smarter, not just simpler

Qualtrics Intelligent Text Analysis is engineered to be smarter than comparable analytics engines. Our cluster-based approach can understand context to accurately group related feedback, without needing a thesaurus or “dictionary of terms.” Why is that important? Because every dataset is unique, and your most critical insights can be the ones no one inside or outside your organization is looking for.

For example, in a survey conducted by a national auto dealership, Qualtrics Intelligent Text Analysis was able to accurately group feedback related to resale value by identifying responses containing industry-specific words and phrases such as KBB and NADA. That grouping occurred without the engine having to be programmed to look for those industry-specific terms.

Add more power to your customer experience program

Qualtrics Intelligent Text Analysis helps you understand the “why” behind your open-text feedback and make strategic improvements to your programs and product offerings. With Qualtrics Dynamic Closed Loop Feedback, you can identify unsatisfied customers by their survey responses and automatically route those responses to the appropriate team members for one-to-one issue resolution. To learn more about Dynamic Closed Loop Feedback, click here.