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Statistical Analysis Software

Run powerful statistical
analysis in no time with
Stats iQ™

Whether you’re comfortable with regression analysis or just graduating from pivot tables, uncover meaningful insights in data, identify hidden trends, and produce impactful results in a fraction of the time of traditional tools.

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Income is very subtly positively correlated with Satisfaction

Sophisticated analysis,
made simple

Run powerful correlations, regressions, pivot tables, cluster analysis and more. All with the click of a button.

Stats iQ automatically chooses the right statistical test and data visualization — then translates the results into plain language that anyone can understand and put into action.

You’ll always be told exactly why it chose a specific statistical test too, so you can be confident in the methodology.

Regression 2.0

With industry best-practice Relative Importance Analysis built into Stats iQ, Regression is now even more powerful and intuitive than ever.

  • Clearly quantifies experience drivers.
  • Visualizes and translates results into plain language, making
    them easy to interpret.
  • Automatically selects and applies the most appropriate
    regression method.
  • Identifies problems with your statistical model, then provides
Relative Importance by Age
New York higher values for Satisfaction than Massachusetts

No more fussing with
your data

  • Data from your research studies and feedback surveys are pulled in seamlessly.
  • Stats iQ automatically understands the structure of your imported datasets, so you can get to work right away.

Unmatched statistical analysis

One-of-a-kind and exclusive to Stats iQ, our new and powerful R integration enables you to run virtually any type of advanced data analysis — including cluster, factor and reliability — from within the Qualtrics platform.

  • Avoid the hassle of exporting data
  • Bring in existing R scripts to refine your analyses
  • Leverage a pool of more than 100 R packages
Summary. Sample Size. Number of Distinct Categories

Go beyond answers and
get valuable insights with
Stats iQ + Text iQ

  • Fully integrated with Text iQ - you can even run stats on key
    topics and sentiments captured in open text feedback.
  • Add Text iQ topics as variables to build your statistical models.
  • Uncover richer insights from key topics and sentiment in your data

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