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State and Local Governments Across the U.S. Now Using Qualtrics to Put Experience at the Center of their Vaccine Response

Last updated:  February 18, 2021

Governments in California, Illinois, Missouri, and more are using Qualtrics to make it easy for every resident to get vaccinated

SALT LAKE CITY and SEATTLE, February 18, 2021 — Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM), the leader in customer experience and creator of the experience management (XM) category, today announced that the State of Missouri; the City of Sacramento; Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma; Winnebago County, Illinois; and Oakland County, Michigan are using Qualtrics to put the resident experience at the center of their vaccine response and make it easy for their residents to navigate the complexity of the vaccination process, ultimately getting everyone vaccinated and building trust with their communities at every touchpoint.

They join more than 200 governments in all 50 states that are using Qualtrics to navigate the pandemic with services including contact tracing, patient assessment, employee symptom checks, test scheduling, and other essential pandemic programs.

Community Resident Experiences Drive Vaccine Outcomes

With COVID-19 vaccines becoming globally available, governments are facing two main challenges: managing the largest vaccination campaign in history, and proactively engaging with residents throughout the vaccination process. The attitudes and experiences people have throughout the vaccination process can impact whether they get fully vaccinated and encourage others to do so.

A recent Qualtrics study found that 61 percent of people have little to no confidence that their state has the proper systems in place to effectively deliver COVID-19 vaccines, with 35 percent saying they don’t plan to vaccinate. Additionally, communities of color tend to have even lower confidence and trust in their public health systems.

In contrast to other vaccine solutions, the Qualtrics Vaccine Navigator helps governments put the resident experience at the forefront and makes it easier for everyone, regardless of age, socio-economic background or technical ability, to easily navigate the vaccine process. With the agility of the Qualtrics XM Platform™, governments can design and improve the experience for residents at every step of the vaccine process from outreach to assessment, scheduling, record keeping and follow-up by focusing first on the resident experience.

Qualtrics is working with Ernst & Young LLP (EY), a leading member of the Qualtrics Partner Network, to implement and deploy the vaccine solution to governments across the U.S.

Quotes on the News:

“Oakland County Health Division’s percentage of COVID vaccine doses administered exceeds 99 percent to date. This achievement was made possible by effective planning, a talented staff, and collaborative and innovative partners such as Qualtrics,” said Dave Coulter, Oakland County Executive. “Qualtrics has supported Oakland County in a number of ways from daily employee COVID screenings to providing user-friendly software to schedule our vaccine appointments. They have been a multiplier of our efforts to slow the pandemic.”

“Experience matters in every phase of the vaccine response. Whether it’s vaccine delivery or getting people back to work, when governments make their residents the focus, they will build lasting trust with their community,” said Zig Serafin, CEO, Qualtrics. “Governments are turning to Qualtrics to help turn vaccines into vaccinations and make sure all employees can continue to work and return to work safely.”

When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, getting the experience right is key to building trust in any community,” said, Brad Duncan, EY US Government & Public Sector State Local & Education Leader. “At EY, we are proud to collaborate with Qualtrics to help communities create a resident-first approach to vaccine distribution.”

Qualtrics Helps Governments Put the Resident Experience at the Center of the Vaccine Response:

  • Population response: Governments can register residents and assess population needs to prioritize individuals based on local and federal guidelines. Registration and follow-up notifications automatically route to scheduling when inventory is available.
  • Automatic scheduling: Reduce missed appointments with automated reminders and notifications. Bring your own scheduling solution or use a Qualtrics trusted partner.
  • Inclusive by design: Serve at-risk communities, individuals with limited access to technology, and multilingual populations with personalized messaging across multiple outreach methods.
  • Identify pain points: Health and government officials can measure and monitor the entire resident experience and identify friction points in the administration process.
  • Monitor experience: Connect enrollment and administration data easily with frontline tools to track the vaccination experience, collect data on adverse reactions, and update digital proof records automatically.
  • Increase public awareness: Governments can understand resident sentiment and trust to create effective public awareness campaigns and increase immunization rates.

Governments Rely on Qualtrics COVID-19 Solutions

More than 200 state and local governments throughout the US are using Qualtrics COVID-19 solutions for vaccine management, contact tracing, employee symptom checks, patient assessments, test scheduling, and much more. Qualtrics maintains the highest security certification including ISO 27001 and FedRAMP, and is also HITRUST certified, which means its technology platform provides customers the tools they need to manage HIPAA compliance.

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