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Response Weighting


Imagine you work for an airline and you want to know the average NPS score across all passenger segments. Unfortunately, passengers in coach have a higher survey response rate than first-class passengers. You want to report an accurate measurement of overall customer satisfaction, so you need to be sure that the voices of customers in each passenger segment are represented proportionally. With Qualtrics response weighting you can quickly and easily weigh responses to give you your desired response distribution.

Give Qualtrics your desired respondent profile and Qualtrics Response Weighting ensures that your aggregate metrics always reflect that ideal profile by automatically adjusting weights as new responses are received. Say goodbye to exporting data and applying weights manually and say hello to on-the-fly response weighting.

Key Features

  • Configure up to three weighting variables
  • Support for 30+ values per variable
  • Weight on multiple choice or multi-answer survey questions or embedded data variables
  • Interlocked response weighting for non-overlapping variables
  • Raked weighting (IPF, RIM) for when you need to weight on 2 variables but don’t know the proportion of populations of the interlocked characteristics
  • View table of applied weights
  • Easily report on weighted metrics in Qualtrics reporting

Variable Creation


Qualtrics variable creation allows you to create new fields from data already collected in the survey. Group states into regions, create income brackets from raw income numbers, find the average of three satisfaction questions – you can do it all, any time, on any field in your dataset. Your variable creation rules will apply to all past and future responses, and the new fields can then be used all over the Qualtrics Insight Platform: in Qualtrics Results Reports, Vocalize, or exported along with the direct survey response.

Response Editing

With Qualtrics Response Editing, there’s no faster, more convenient way to prepare your data to help you get to the right insights, faster. Our interface enables you to edit responses–whether a single response or multiple responses at once–directly in the platform without having to retake the entire survey. This can save you hours and days and helps you manage complex data cleanup and preparation with ease.

Key Features

  • Quickly batch edit multiple responses
  • Scrub PII from survey data
  • Add or modify survey fields on the fly
  • Edit responses directly in the platform without retaking the survey
  • No data exports required

Filter and Sort Responses in Progress

Skip the responses you don’t need and get directly to the insights. Use Qualtrics filtering and sorting tools to add or remove specific responses, based on any field in the data tab. No need to export or waste valuable time manually finding and filtering responses. Finish the data preparation job in seconds, directly in the platform, and get straight to the analysis.

Key Features

  • Filter almost any data field directly in the platform
  • Add multiple filters
  • No data exports required
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