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What are Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

Customer satisfaction is at the core of human experience, reflecting our liking of a company’s business activities. The best customer satisfaction surveys measure how products and services supplied by a company meet, exceed or fall short of customer expectation.

Why Conduct Customer Satisfaction Research?

When Amazon gives you an estimated package arrival time with a date range, isn’t it nice when your package is delivered on the very first day in that range? Under promising and over delivering is a beautiful thing.

Customer satisfaction surveys help you confirm what your customers like, dislike or what they would like to see improved. The fastest way to improve is by listening and then acting on what your customers really want.

Think about any major purchases you have made recently. Did you research your purchase? Assume your potential buyers are doing the same.  If they are researching you, shouldn’t you be researching them?  How do you know if they found what they needed and if they were happy or frustrated with their purchase experience?  Where are your areas of improvement? Where are your opportunities to take action?

High levels of customer satisfaction are strong predictors of customer retention, customer loyalty, and product repurchase. Effective businesses focus on creating and reinforcing positive experiences to retain existing customers and add new customers.

How to Build an Effective Customer Satisfaction Program

Proper timing of customer satisfaction surveys depends on the type of product or service provided, the type and number of customers served, the longevity and frequency of customer/supplier interactions, and the intended use of the results.

Here are three very different approaches for measuring customer satisfaction:

  1. Post-purchase evaluations
  2. Periodic satisfaction surveys
  3. Continuous satisfaction tracking

Each customer satisfaction survey can produce meaningful and useful results and is appropriate for different situations, uses and needs.

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Characteristics of the Best Customer Satisfaction Programs

Effective customer satisfaction programs remove data silos and deliver actionable insight to the right stakeholders in real-time. This allows for executive, managers or frontline employees to make accurate decisions and take corrective action. Integrating your voice of the customer (VoC) programs and net promoter score (NPS) analysis will also help provide holistic insight across the organization.

Improving Your Customer Satisfaction Programs

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