Customer Service Survey Template for Contact Centers

Contact centers shouldn’t be a necessary overhead, but a primary driver of customer satisfaction. They should deliver consistent and personalized interactions across all channels and stages of the buyer’s journey.

This Customer Service Survey Template for Contact Centers can be used to gain insights about the customer’s call center experience, so your call center can be a key pillar in delivering on the overall customer experience.

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How to use the Customer Service Survey Template for Contact Centers

  1. Download the .qsf (Qualtrics template format) file above
  2. Log in to your Qualtrics Core XM account or create a Free Account and select “Create Project”
  3. Import the Qualtrics .qsf Customer Service survey template into a new project using these instructions
  4. Open the survey and start editing to make it custom to your company
  5. Send to your customers using one of Qualtrics survey distribution methods

Using online surveys to measure call center customer satisfaction will help you identify the key drivers of satisfaction at each stage in the customer journey and assess how you’re performing against your key customer metrics. You’ll be able to see the improvements to focus on to have the biggest impact on your customers and your bottom line. This could lead to improved customer retention, loyalty, and overall customer satisfaction.

This customer service survey template starts by asking customers about overall satisfaction and continues by asking questions that will lead you to important metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES). You’ll understand if a specific interaction changed the way a customer feels about your brand and what drives those feelings.

Customer feedback questions about interactions with the individual customer support agent will allow you to provide targets and benchmarks for your call center staff. Finally, the customer service survey ends with an invitation for the customer to be contacted by your company. You should always speak to a customer if he requests a follow-up, especially if he had a negative experience. It’s better he talks about his experience to you and not his friends.

Qualtrics Contact Center Customer Experience program turns data into insights with dashboards and reports ready-built to help you share insights across the organization and start making CX improvements today.

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