Customer Satisfaction Survey Template Questions

Use this template to evaluate your consumers' reaction to a new product or product feature. This template can assist you during every stage of the product journey so you know which features your consumers are looking for and how best to suit your product for their needs.

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How to use the Customer Satisfaction Template

  1. Download the templated question examples
  2. Log in to your Qualtrics Research Core account or create a Free Account and select “Create Project”
  3. Customize each customer satisfaction question to your company/organization
  4. Set your distribution settings and use the email copy for the survey introduction
  5. Send your satisfaction survey to your customers!

Customer satisfaction is at the core of human experience, reflecting our liking of an organization's business activities. High levels of customer satisfaction (with pleasurable experiences) are strong predictors of customer retention, customer loyalty, and product repurchase. Word-of-mouth is often referred to as the most powerful form of marketing and should be treated as such. Driving powerful and compelling customer experiences when delivering your product or service is at the core of customer experience programs for a reason.

Effective businesses prioritize their strategies based on creating and reinforcing pleasurable experiences so that they might retain existing customers and add new customers. Properly constructed customer satisfaction surveys and questionnaires provide the insights that are the foundation for benchmarking customer happiness. Instead of investing in what you think your new and prospective customers want, ask them. It is the best way to make real, data-driven decisions while simultaneously making your customers feel heard, consequently making them that much more loyal to your brand. The hard part is knowing how to write your customer satisfaction survey questions. Depending on what customer metrics you intend to use, it will determine what type of survey questions you need to ask your customers. That's where this template can help.

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