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Making business more human starts with the frontlines

The days of always having to ask customers about their experience are over. You had a front row seat for the evolution of XM. From serving customers in the moment, to balancing the digital and human experience, you learned how to make your frontline the driving force for innovation and improvement.

You chose from 80+ customer-led breakout sessions from leading brands

MainStage keynote with Mark Rober

You learned about the power of a personal experience

NASA engineer-turned-YouTube-sensation Mark Rober spoke about how we’re all products of people being able to remember things by stories. And if you want an experience to be long-lasting, it has to evoke a deep visceral reaction. The emotional connections created don’t just bind us to family and friends, they also bind us to organizations too, leading to engaged employees and satisfied customers.

MainStage keynote with Malala

You were immersed in 80+ hours of XM

From Kevin Warren, Chief Marketing Officer of UPS, who spoke about how changing their brand to be more authentic and diverse isn’t extracurricular, but good business, to girls’ education activist Malala Yousafzai, who kicked off International Women’s Day by highlighting how she uses technology to create opportunities for women around the world— each and every minute was filled with the stories behind the biggest breakthroughs.

MainStage keynote with Malala
Breakout session audience

Here’s what was top of mind for your peers

Conversations revolved around the following questions from your peers:

  • How do I improve service quality across my digital and human frontlines?
  • What’s the secret to building high performing teams?
  • What’s the key to reducing my operating costs?
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X4 crowd listening to a silent breakout session

Our top rated customer care sessions

  • Developing Closed-Loop Programs That Deliver Business & Customer Value
    Featuring: Qualtrics
  • Higher-Impact CX by Connecting Strategy to Frontline
    Featuring: Amazon Web Services, adidas, Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City, American Family Insurance
  • Building And Scaling A Comprehensive and Impactful CX Program With Limited Resources
    Featuring: HCSC

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Crowd watching breakout sessions


Thanks for innovating with us at X4

Five for the Fight night

The doors of The Salt Palace may have closed, but X4 lives on in the connections you made, and the lessons you learned and take back to apply to your programs.

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