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Watch a limited release of the X4 Summit 2023 sessions on demand

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Designing breakthrough experiences that drive academic excellence

At X4 you had a front row seat for exploring the programs, practices, and technologies helping K-12 schools and higher ed institutions increase student enrollment, empower & engage staff, and create more equitable experiences in education.

You chose from 80+ customer-led breakout sessions

Malala during her keynote

You learned how to dismantle inequities

Girls’ education activist Malala Yousafzai kicked off International Women’s Day by inspiring every X4 attendee to understand and appreciate the transformative impact of education on global equity. In her own words, “If you ever doubt the impact of education, go ask a girl.”

MainStage keynote with Kevin Warrin

You were immersed in 80+ hours of XM

From Kevin Warren, Chief Marketing Officer of UPS, who spoke about how changing their brand to be more authentic and diverse isn’t extracurricular, but good business, to girls’ education activist Malala Yousafzai, who kicked off International Women’s Day by highlighting how she uses technology to create opportunities for women around the world— each and every minute was filled with the stories behind the biggest breakthroughs.

MainStage keynote with Kevin Warrin
Audience during a breakout session

Here’s what was top of mind for your peers

Conversations revolved around the following questions from your peers:

  • How do I design experiences that increase student enrollment?
  • How do I measure what matters most to teachers, faculty, and staff to retain and attract top talent?
  • How can I measure the student journey and drive action in more of the moments that matter?
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X4 crowd listening to a silent breakout session

Our top rated education sessions

  • Keynote: Transforming Education with XM
    Featuring: Utah Valley University, Butler University, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
  • Humanizing the Student Experience
    Featuring: Johns Hopkins University
  • Navigating DEI in Education
    Featuring: Indiana University, Strada Impact, Latinos in Action

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Crowd watching a breakout session


Thanks for innovating with us at X4

Five for the Fight night

The doors of The Salt Palace may have closed, but X4 lives on in the connections you made, and the lessons you learned and take back to apply to your programs.

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