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Announced at X4: Innovations transforming customer experience

Acquiring, engaging and supporting your customers is the name of the game - so we’re making that easier than ever with our latest innovations – all powered by the Qualtrics XM Platform.

We can all think of a recent customer experience that made us question whether we’d go back again. 

And they’re a one-way ticket to customer churn, heightened service costs and revenue left on the table.

8% of revenue is at risk due to bad experiences.

To acquire new customers and build long lasting loyalty, frictionless, personalized experiences on every channel are critical in a world where it’s so easy to move from one organization to the next.

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That can only be done with a single source of truth into what customers think, feel, and do throughout their entire journey with your company, and a clear plan on how to respond.

 Powered by the Qualtrics XM Platform, the innovations unveiled at X4 will help you do that in 4 ways. 

Build a human connection on every channel

We often think of the “frontline” as nurses, grocery clerks, or contact center agents, … But today the frontline is as much online, as it is brick-and-mortar. It’s where so many experiences begin and where brands have the opportunity to make a lasting impression… if you get it right. 

But all too often, siloed customer data prevents brands from seeing the complete picture, and issues remain undetected until it’s too late - impacting customer experience and costing money every second it goes unresolved. 

With new innovations, we are changing the game on how brands can deliver experiences with the customer front and center, regardless of channel. All on a single platform, with minimal IT intervention needed. 

With Customer Journey Optimizer,  we bring together data from your website, chat, call center, operational systems, and more to visualize and understand  omnichannel customer journeys like-never-before, for every customer, simultaneously. 

And because it’s integrated with Experience iD, you can identify dropoffs at key touch points and engage with individual customers or segments to deliver the right experience at the right time.

But that’s not all…

With Digital Experience Analytics, you can understand your customers through both experience data and behavioral insights. You can view session recordings of the experience your customers actually had, and identify and quantity improvement areas across your digital channels, as they happen.

Now you can see how much  it’s costing your business every second – giving you the information you need to get them fixed immediately. 

Give frontline agents the tools to improve every customer experience, as they happen

The most significant factor in customers’ minds when it comes to agent satisfaction? Empathy. In fact, frontline team members who exhibit empathy have twice the effect on customer satisfaction than low wait times. 

Agent empathy has almost 2X the impact on satisfaction vs wait times.

All too often agents are unable to provide the experiences customers expect, – maybe they lack the context. Maybe they’re being pushed to get through as many calls as possible…. 

Our AI-powered solutions are making that a thing of the past.

With Real-time Agent Assist, our powerful AI helps guide agents during every customer conversation toward the best outcome – as it’s happening. Even surfacing critical information before they answer the call. 

And not only can we use this AI to coach agents, but we can also dramatically lower the cost to serve by automating and expediting the work that comes AFTER the call ends. Automated call summaries create call recaps with all the relevant details –the  reason for contact, their emotion, the status of the issue – in seconds. So next time the customer rings up, the next agent can hit the ground running. A better service experience, less human errors, and a cost saving of up to 10%

Build happy, high-performing frontline teams

Your contact center agents embody your brand. So the more we can do to empower and equip them to provide great customer experience, the better the results. Achieving that depends on 2 things. 

How well you coach and reward your team. 

First, you need the complete picture of what is going on with your teams – which is where Qualtrics Contact Center Quality Management comes in. Bringing together the best of humans and AI to automatically analyze every call, chat, and email, seamlessly flagging interactions that your team needs to act on - as they happen. 

You’ll finally be able to see how your agents perform in real time, and compare that against the behaviors identified as driving the best outcomes for your business.

What you do with that insight, however, is where you can make the most impact. With Frontline Team Assist, we’re helping managers to coach and champion their teams. Giving them a single view of every agent’s performance – their strengths, weaknesses and how they’re doing against industry benchmarks.  Now there’s no guesswork. Managers and team members can have confidence they know where and how to improve. 

And when they get it right? Let’s recognize it! This is critical to making sure team members feel valued. You can do that in a fair and scalable way with On-the-Spot Rewards Rewards – which shows how many times your customers recognize your agents for providing high-quality service.

Prove the ROI of your CX investments

We know you have to be able to prove the impact of your `CX investments on the bottom line. Which is why every leader gets their own always-on, real-time, and dynamic view to assess how these investments are performing, and how much they’re saving you over the course of a week, month, year. 

Maybe Automated call summaries has saved you 745 hours in agent time over the course of a week? That’s $1million in reduced costs, every single year. 

Or you managed to keep the journeys that customers want to be digital, stay on digital, increasing spend by up to 37%. 

Your digital and human frontlines are an untapped goldmine – now you can begin to prove how much they’re worth. 

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Qualtrics // Experience Management

Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the experience management category, is a cloud-native software platform that empowers organizations to deliver exceptional experiences and build deep relationships with their customers and employees.

With insights from Qualtrics, organizations can identify and resolve the greatest friction points in their business, retain and engage top talent, and bring the right products and services to market. Nearly 20,000 organizations around the world use Qualtrics’ advanced AI to listen, understand, and take action. Qualtrics uses its vast universe of experience data to form the largest database of human sentiment in the world. Qualtrics is co-headquartered in Provo, Utah and Seattle.

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