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6 Ways to Pretest Your Survey Before You Send It

Running your survey through a series of tests to check for potential problems can save you a lot of headaches down the road and ensure that you get the data that you want. In this post we discuss six different strategies for testing surveys before starting your data collection.

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Demographic Survey Questions that Yield Valuable Insights

Have you ever noticed how television commercials change based on the program you’re watching? You wouldn’t expect to see a children’s toy commercial late at night, beer commercials during Saturday morning cartoons, or a sports figure during afternoon soap operas. Smart advertisers use demographics to target commercials in order to get the most bang for […]

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Top Three Ways You Can Find Survey Respondents

Even if your research project is designed to perfection, it won’t be effective if you don’t get the right respondents. Getting them is critical, but it’s also hard. So we offer three proven ways to find them. Each of these methods will be useful in some circumstances and detrimental to others, so be sure to […]

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How many people do you need to interview to get results representative of the target population with the level of confidence that you are willing to accept? SAMPLE-SIZE CALCULATOR Qualtrics offers a sample-size calculator that can help you determine your ideal sample size in seconds. Just put in the confidence level, population size, margin of […]

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Qualtrics Community for Beginners

You’re not super savvy with the whole Qualtrics thing. Maybe your boss or professor set you up with an account and now you have a major project you need to do, but you haven’t gotten very far. None of the terminology is familiar and you don’t know where to start. You’ve taken surveys online before, […]

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You think you’re finally done building your survey when the unthinkable happens: Your professor wants you to add definitions that appear when you hover over words, but you have no idea how to do that! Or you’ve been testing your randomized study for hours, and cannot figure out what you’re supposed to fix in the […]

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