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Insight Summit: Choose Your Track

Whether you’re a first-year analyst or a world-renowned scientist, the Qualtrics Insight Summit has a stage for you. Last year more than 2,300 attendees made Summit the one-stop event for insight leaders at every stage of sophistication. 2017 will be even bigger with three tracks, world-famous thought leaders on the main stage, and more than […]

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Pollsters Missed the 2016 Election; Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

The polling industry is reeling after the 2016 election. While the absolute level of errors was not unreasonable for most of the polls (between 3-4 percentage points), those errors were not randomly distributed, and in fact nearly all of the polls missed in the same direction—favoring Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. When errors point in […]

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Voice of the Parent: How Schools Can Engage with Parents [Webinar]

There is clear, consistent evidence from the last five decades to show that learner outcomes (attendance, behaviour, school retention, academic achievement, and well-being) improve when parents engage in student learning. However, there are also persistent questions about what this engagement looks like and when it might be counterproductive. There is some evidence to suggest that […]

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Strengthen Your School Community With Online Surveys

Traditionally, schools are not very democratic places. When parents and students suddenly stick their hands up and ask to be heard, it can disturb the calmness of the status quo. If the media becomes involved, a school’s reputation can be at risk. Questioning can be perfectly legitimate and warranted when something emerges and needs to […]

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Measuring Up: How 360 Degree Feedback Can Improve the Student Experience

Effective teachers vastly improve student learning outcomes. According to a report by the Grattan Institute, “Conservative estimates suggest that students with a highly effective teacher learn twice as much as students with a less effective teacher.”1   One of the best ways to improve the knowledge and teaching capabilities of staff is to implement a […]

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The Next-Level Educator and Student Experience: Qualtrics Partners with Canvas

What happens when you pair the world’s leading online survey provider with Canvas, the world’s fastest-growing learning management system? You get the next-level educator and student experience.   Managing assignments and assessments has never been easier   Qualtrics and Canvas have come together, and this groundbreaking collaboration provides a more flexible method for creating, managing, […]

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