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Know what your customers need from you and take the right actions in real-time with an automated solution developed by Qualtrics XM Scientists.

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Today, building confidence and trust with customers is more important than ever. Get ongoing feedback on what your customers need to feel confident about doing business with you, and take rapid action that garners loyalty.

  • Continuously monitor and quickly adapt to evolving customer expectations
  • Confirm response measures are effectively communicated and understood
  • Capture key insights to take targeted action to improve customer confidence

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  • Continuously monitor and quickly adapt to evolving customer needs and expectations
  • Confirm response measures are effectively communicated and understood
  • Capture key insights to take targeted action to improve customer confidence

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The ever-changing situation surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is forcing companies to rethink how they operate and how they can best respond and meet the needs of their customers. From canceled events to late deliveries, to store closures and overwhelmed services, companies are faced with unprecedented challenges.

The Customer Confidence Pulse is a free pre-built solution that helps organizations monitor customer expectations and capture feedback in real-time, so they can know what to stop, start and continue in order to maintain strong relationships with customers and business continuity.

Who is this for:

This XM solution is available for free to Qualtrics and non-Qualtrics customers. It is designed for CX professionals across all industries (B2B or B2C) who are trying to understand and act on evolving customer needs during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

What does it do:

Developed by CustomerXM Scientists, the Customer Confidence Pulse helps organizations monitor customer confidence in the ability of the organization to meet their evolving needs, understand customer expectations around frequency and channels of communication, and gauge their satisfaction with response measures taken so far. This helps organizations take more targeted action and improve their handling of the ever-changing situation. This automated XM solution offers two proven methods for organizations to listen and stay connected with their customers: (1) Customer Confidence Quick Check-in and (2) Customer Confidence Assessment.

Customer Confidence Assessment:

Five-to-seven minute survey to better understand customer expectations, gauge satisfaction and confidence levels, and take targeted action on up to five key areas pertaining to your COVID-19 response:

  • Communication – What are customer expectations with regard to the frequency and channels for communicating your company’s COVID-19 response, and how well are you meeting those expectations today?
  • Action – How satisfied are customers with the actions and response measures you have taken so far, considering both the relevance and timeliness of those actions?
  • Confidence – How confident are your customers in the ongoing ability of your company/brand to meet the evolving needs of customers in these trying times, and when looking forward to post-pandemic interactions with your brand
  • In-person/On-location interaction (if applicable)– How are behaviors changing for in-person or on-location customers (e.g. restaurant patrons), and how do they want to interact with the company going forward?
  • Customer Needs – What would customers like your company to do better or different in your handling of the evolving COVID-19 situation?

Customer Confidence Quick Check-in:

Two-minute simple customer confidence barometer that helps you do three things:

  • Understand how well your company’s communication of response measures is meeting customer expectations
  • Gauge customer satisfaction with actions your company has taken so far to address COVID-19
  • Monitor customer confidence on an ongoing basis to ensure your company is meeting the evolving needs of your customers

Solution Details

Required License: CustomerXM 5

The COVID-19 Customer Confidence Pulse is provided free of charge to any size organization within non-regulated industries across the globe for 90 days.

Get started in four quick steps:

  • Choose the Customer Confidence Quick Check-in or the Customer Confidence Assessment
  • Tell us your company name
  • Select your business type (B2B or B2C)
  • Configure the customer information to measure



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