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Digital Open Door

Know what your customers need from you and take the right actions in real-time with a free, automated solution developed by Qualtrics XM Scientists.

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The Digital Open Door enables you to stay connected to your customers through digital channels and address their evolving needs.

The free digital solution is easy to set up and provides: 1) an always on website feedback button to keep a real-time pulse on customer sentiment and preference 2) a real-time website messaging intercept to keep customers updated on changes to business operations and important notifications 3) expert designed pre-built surveys and dashboards

  • Deploy an always-on website listening post
  • Easily communicate guidance, available support, and updates to service
  • Improve digital journeys to meet changing needs

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Get powerful CX insights across your digital channels in less than 30 days (free trial)
  2. Monitor feedback across customer touchpoints on any device or channel (free trial)
  3. Create a roadmap for future growth to increase program coverage and capabilities (upgrade)
  4. Deliver a premium, consistent customer experience across multiple platforms (upgrade)

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Measure and monitor feedback across digital channels

Qualtrics offers customers the ability to create feedback experiences with website intercepts, surveys built into the company’s mobile apps, and direct-to-customer SMS texts. Also, the Qualtrics Mobile XM app allows you to get feedback in real-time and take action on the go.

Digital is a free pre-built solution that helps organizations monitor customer expectations and capture feedback in real time, so they can know what to stop, start and continue in order to maintain strong relationships with customers and business continuity.

Who is this for:

The Digital Open Door Solution is available for free to Qualtrics and non-Qualtrics customers. It is designed for brands across all industries who wish to use digital channels to listen, understand and act on evolving customer needs during the COVID-19 and economic crisis.

What does it do:

The Digital Open Door solution enables you to stay connected to your customers through digital channels and address their acute needs. Specifically, the solution enables you to:

  • Keep a real-time pulse on changing customer preferences and sentiment
  • Keep customers informed with service updates, guidance and support
  • Understand how to optimize your digital delivery model to meet customer needs
  • An Always on Feedback Button: a website feedback button to collect feedback on your customers’ terms
  • Real-time messaging: provide valuable customer notifications on response updates and changes to business operations
  • Pre-built dashboards for real-time monitoring and analysis
  • Instant actions via automated email triggers based on customer feedback or action

Solution Details

The COVID-19 Digital Open Door Solution is provided free of charge to any size organization within non-regulated industries across the globe for 90 days.

Required License: CustomerXM 5



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